3 days to Chile

21 Jul

Well after 3 days I finally made it to the MTC. Our flight from Denver to Atlanta was all kinds of a mess. As we pulled away from the gate the plane shut down. So we had to go back to the gate and wait two hours for them to fix the problem. Then, when we finally got to Atlanta, we could not land because of a thunder storm. After about 2 hours we were able to land in Atlanta.

But, we missed our flight to Chile. So I found this lady and asked her if I could use her cell phone and we called the church office. (Delta rescheduled our flight for 10pm the next day. Also, they couldn’t get us a hotel because we are not 21)

This nice lady we found named Christy-Lynn took us under her wing and took us to several hotels until we found a hotel. We went to bed at 4am. The next day (Wednesday, July 15th) we called the mission home and were able to go out with the Spanish speaking missionaries. We were able to eat at a members house and the food was very good. That night we caught our flight and made it to the MTC just fine. It was hard not really knowing what was going on.

Love you guys and miss you already.

PS p-day is on Tuesday talk to you then

Santiago Chile Temple

Santiago Chile Temple

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