Week 2 – July 28, 2015

28 Jul
Week 2 – July 28, 2015

Well this week it turns out you learn Spanish too, we’ve been studying Spanish!! I thought after a week you’d just know Spanish but I guess I was wrong.

Today I bought a cool hat from a vendor.  During my runs I wear a beanie so I needed a new one, I also got a new tie and its pretty cool.

super tall building (Chile is sick)

super tall building (Chile is sick)

The food isn’t very good at all.  Last night we had this dinner with a ton of what I guess they pass as “meat”.  It was seriously bone and fat. All the teachers say they spend so much money on the food here and it’s the equivalent of eating at the nicest restaurants here.

So I wonder where all the money is going to?

I’ve lost about 4 pounds now and almost lost all my tan – I’m actually really mad about that. Everyone assumes I’m from California even when we are on the streets talking to people. Everyone that knows me calls me Elder Bronzado or Hawaii.

left to right Elder Tacuri me Elder Gonzolaz   yo estoy muy tristo

left to right Elder Tacuri me Elder Gonzolaz
yo estoy muy tristo

Oh, the Latinos left this morning which was sad because they were so nice, but, I’m super stoked that our room won’t be like the amazon forest. New missionaries come tomorrow which will be good. Elder Christensen and I are stoked because we don’t have to share our room and bathroom anymore…super stoked. Today for p day we ate at McDonald’s and it tasted so good!  Dead serious, the McDonald’s here is way better than in America.

Getting my shoes shined

Getting my shoes shined

My companion’s a kook so the picture stinks.
But this is me getting my shoes shined
Everything is so cheap

I got told this week that I need a hair cut.  I told President Doll I would in 2 weeks because I just got one.

Not trying to be that guy but girls here literally will like stare me down, its pretty intimidating. I don’t look like anyone here.

I got my return date. I come home June 27, 2017.  Two weeks early, pretty stoked.

Me and some Latinos

Me and some Latinos

Well my Spanish is improving and I can understand mostly what people are saying.

Love you guys!
Shout out to my haters Nub squad for life.
Love my family!
Mom you rock, hang in there only like 101 weeks left but who’s counting right.


 ELder christensen and me

Elder Christensen and me

This ones for the haters Nub squad

This ones for the haters Nub squad

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