Week 3 – August 5, 2015

05 Aug

Well this week has been going great but I did have to get a hair cut and hey it doesnt look too bad as you’ll see from the pictures I have attached.

Some Chilian currency. Their coins are litterally worth nothing!

Some Chilian currency. Their coins are litterally worth nothing!

Spanish is going good. I’m starting to understand what people are saying and by that, I mean, I get what they are trying to ask and/or trying to tell me. We have fake investigators here and they are our teachers. So they will only speak spanish during our lessons that we teach. They are such good actors it seeems like we are teaching real investigators.

I look forward to getting emails from ALL of you so don’t be shy about sending an email my way.

Cha boi infront of the lords house (Say it in a nacho libre acent)

Cha boi infront of the lords house (Say it in a nacho libre acent)

We talk to people on the temple grounds so thats nice, but, Chileans speak so fast and drop letters off their words.

Well my compainion is always telling me about how back in the day he use to be like me and really athletic there is no way a body like his was athletic (haha). We go running every morning and this week we have been running though the streets in the city and its super cool becuase the sun is rising over the mountains as we run through and past the sky scrapers. This week he asked me to help him lose weight so I’ve been helping him to do that and he’s lost 6 lbs. It so easy to lose weight. But today the kook spent like 25 dollars on candy so all my hard work went down the drain but anyways hes still ok. But boy does he get some stanky breath.

This is the room I write and study in

This is the room I write and study in

Lets see, do I feel like a missionary? Well the real answer is no I just feel like some kid trying to learn spanish in school for 15 hours a day but I guess its coming along. In the morning we have scripture study right when we wake up. I would be lying to say I have never fallen asleep while doing it.

The weather today was really nice I think it was about like 70 and super sunny.  The mountains looked so good I wanted to just leave the MTC and go skiing. We always joke with this kid about doing things like that and then he gets really mad at us and tells us that we are going to get sent home and he will tell on us. He´s a serious hater. Elder Nelson and I get along really well (not my companion which stinks). But we have a fun time together. We get a break ever hour for about 10 minutes and we go outside and play 3 sack wack. Its a game with a soccer ball and you can only touch the ball up to 2 times. So 3 hits between 2 people usually and then you run and the person that caught the ball after the third juggle throws the ball and if you miss your out and if you hit them they are out. Its pretty fun and we get really into it. I’ll send a picture of a schedule of our week next week. My calculator watch is probably the best 15 dollars you’ll ever spend.  Everyone is super jealous and they all want one, but too bad. 

Shout out to my haters #nubsquadforlife
Love my Family
Love my sisters
Love my friends
Coulson where’s my email? And I know your not busy
Love my parents so much
Cafe eating lunch

Cafe eating lunch

Picture above is Me sitting at a cafe and this guy was like are you guys Mormon’s and we said yes and he said I got a joke for you.  Why don’t Mormons celebrate halloween? Because they don’t like people knocking on their doors. I thought it was hilarious.
Picture #2
Our district playing 3 sack wack on the soccer court

Our district playing 3 sack wack on the soccer court

Squad #nubsquad

Squad #nubsquad

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