Week 4 – August 11, 2015

11 Aug

Love the pictures you sent me.   Thanks for sending them to me, they brought back some good memories and everyone here thought my hair was so cool.

That’s great you all went on a college tour last week while in Utah.  Mckinnon needs to go to BYU Hawaii. BYU H has the same testing center she likes.  I took all my tests there.

Well this week was one for the books.  Not because I learned a lot, because my Spanish is still about the same I feel. But lets see, well a good thing this week was the power was off when we woke up, so we got to sleep in until 8:00 which was pretty much heaven. Then it was really cool because we got to eat breakfast by candlelight.  It was honestly pretty special and romantic with a bunch of dudes.

The big news and sad news was my companion went home this week. Crazy because I actually bawled (it was a little pathetic).   I don’t know why, it was just very hard. He was getting called back for the army because they had to do something.  He also said his family is having some problems. I was really sad to see him go!

New Companions  (in tshirts) and the Latinos.

New Companions (in tshirts) and the Latinos.

Now I have two new companions, Elder Ririe and Elder Nelson (the one I really like).   It’s so sick, we have such a good time and he helps me a lot with my Spanish which is good.

Elder Keiffer is trying to speak in all Spanish now, so he is pretty quiet.

Our heavenly father really does answer our prayers.

Super Cool Latinos that left today

Super Cool Latinos that left today

The Latinos left today which was sad because they were some pretty cool Latinos.

Today is a super awesome day because we get pancakes!!!! Which are sooo good. Food at the CCM stinks. I eat rice and plain pasta about everyday. Just straight CARB loading. I have gained about 2 pounds, so I’m back up to 170. I think I’m getting taller so that is sweet.

I’m already a month out which is crazy.  Next week, all communication is in all Spanish which will be hard but helpful. In two weeks I’m in the field, its crazy.

Dad, love ya tons thanks for the update. I really like reading your emails and I finally got one. Keep golfing because if I’m better than you when I get back that’s super embarrassing.

Miss ya all tons. And Dad how long did it take for you to like get everything that was said to you and be able to express what you want to say?

This is our weekly Schedule so you can see what we are up to all day.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE - in Spanish of course

WEEKLY SCHEDULE – in Spanish of course

Sorry I couldn’t write that much, I had a lot of emails to respond to.

shout out to my haters #nubsquadforlife
Shouts to all the people that write me
Love you all!

The Church is true.

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