Week 6 – August 26, 2015

26 Aug

Week 6 – August 26, 2015

This week well I got my new companion.   You’ll be proud to know he knows no English.  So I haven’t spoken English or heard English in 2 days and it’s super weird.   I say “yes” to everything and pretend that I understand, which I kind of do but only about every other word.

My new companion’s name is Elder Rodriguez. He lives in Spain now but is from Cambodia. He is a super nice guy and very patient with me. I am his first baby, meaning, I am the first person he has trained.

I want you to know you have never seen the ghetto until you have come to Santiago Sur.  It is unbelievable. Some of the houses people live in, I am astonished. Seriously, its dirt floors and ply wood. But, don’t worry, they have a really nice big flat screen TV in every house and they all own very nice phones.

My new area

My new area

Well my first lesson was with a less active member and before we got into the house he and this other guy are yelling back and forth and it was pretty serious. My first day and I pretty much know all the cuss words. Anyway, we get in his house and the

guy he was yelling at was living with him and he decided after 8 months of not paying rent he was going to move out and steal their fridge and TV and 160,000 in pesos. So they were having a lot of problems. The same night we went to an investigators house and I couldn’t understand one word because the old guy that was talking had no teeth so it was impossible to understand.

Well next up is my new house. It is very small and I am on the top bunk and can see through the roof by each nail. But you know what? I love it and I need this experience because I don’t know anything about a hard life. The people’s houses here may be small but these people will give you anything and will always offer you food.

Elder Rodriguez and me in our apartment. Top bunk is mine.

Elder Rodriguez and me in our apartment. Top bunk is mine.

Today was pday so we went and played soccer with members and other missionaries they are really good, but, most of them are fat and don’t move well so I have a chance kinda.

pday: playing soccer with Elder Rodriguez and others

pday: playing soccer with Elder Rodriguez and others

After soccer we got food from a restaurant that serves food from Peru. It was super good. But it stunk because this crazy lady stole my sprite:( and bread. I was pretty mad at her.

I am super excited for this next week and hopefully I will be able to understand more and have some good stories to tell.

Oh, one last thing.  The bus we came here on is named “the ghetto bus” and it deserves that name every little bit. It was the sketchiest bus I think I will every go on in my life.

Shoutout to the #nubsquad

love my family

love my friends

love my mom

love my dad



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