Week 7 – September 2, 2015

02 Sep

Well the first week is over and it went by pretty quick let me tell you. I got over my culture shock this week so I think from here on out I should be fine I hope. The mission is challenging but you get through it and I’m all in it.

Lets see, this week we made a friend with one of the dogs in the street. He is a big dog and fat too. His name is gordito (fat) in Español. We walk a ton and every night I can’t wait until my head hits the pillow. My bed is even smaller in this new house I don’t know if that’s possible but maybe it means I’m growing so keep your fingers crossed.

Closet and study area

Closet and study area

Here in chile all the houses have a big front gate so instead of knocking you bang on the gate and yell “Ello!!!!” and someone will come to the gate and tell you that they are busy and say they work 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Like seriously, we know your lying just tell us you’re not interested.

We have this great member friend whose name is Antonio. He is a great guy and is super funny and a great help for us during lessons. But here is the catch, Antonio is blind and has no legs and weighs about a good 270lbs. So about everyday we are at his house and push him in his wheelchair to our next investigator. The side walks are not even here. Remember the earth quake that happened in Chile awhile ago? Well yeah, I don’t think they ever fixed the sidewalks from it, so it makes it very challenging for us to wheel him around but he´s amazing so its worth it.

This week in the house the power went off twice in the morning and both times were my fault. But yeah, no one told me you can’t use the iron while someone upstairs is using a heater. Like how am I suppose to know that? Another time was yesterday. Actually we were doing a exercise video called T25 and I was reaching my hands up and hit the lightbulb and the power went of once again. This makes no sense to me. The fuse box for the house is in the house next to us. But, He works from 6am to 7pm so we have to get ready in the dark so that’s fun.

Roof top views

The food here is good but the main meal is lunch but I’m more hungry at night so I go through a lot of food. Also this week I was “hit on” by not 1, not 2, but 6 old ladies while contacting. Like seriously, ladies, have some self control!  On the mission you call these ladies “dragons”.

Out for lunch.

Out for lunch.

We taught this guy this week in English and it was the easiest lesson of my life but my companion had no idea what was going on like me half the time. I am now pretty much an English instructor because most of our lessons start by me teaching an English lesson and after we teach them a lesson in Spanish. My Spanish, is however, coming along and my companion and I have a lot of fun.

While teaching in English a lot of the time I use Spanish instead of English, its kind of weird. A lot of people we teach say my Spanish is really good for my time being here they say I talk more Spanish than a missionary that left to go home a week ago.

Today for p-day we played soccer once again but this time it was at the church on the cement and there was a basketball hoop there as well so between games I would go and do dunks. It was funny to watching the latinos try and jump and touch the rim.

P-day.  Playing soccer.

P-day. Playing soccer and a little dunking.

So every night we play uno to see who does the dishes for the next day. We play uno to decide anything like taking out the trash and teaching the family home evening lesson. I have lost once and it was for the dishes.

The members here are so awesome and they feed us a really big lunch. I have had a pretty gross cough for about two weeks and one of the members bought me medicine.

Church on Sunday was a different experience. I was able to participate in a confirmation (receiving the holy ghost after baptism) and I had to give a talk for 5 minutes that I was told about when I was called up to give it. There were about 41 people in the sacrament meeting. And in priesthood it was 4 elders and a member teaching and a member listening so 6 people. People only show up for sacrament I guess.

The mission is fun and is going fast.


Ps the sign I do in my pictures is a thing me and my friends did in college

Love my family

Love my sisters

Love my mom and dad

Also, Mom, if you send a package here are somethings to send: Aqua reef old spice deodorant, crew paste orange kind, face-wash, zit cream Love ya and miss you

And yes, its safe to send things.  Just follow the instructions in the mission packet. I sent you a package today its for your birthday I hope you get it soon it will probably take a couple of weeks.

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