Week 8 – September 9, 2015

09 Sep

Well this week I learned a lot. I learned how great the USA is and how great all of our facilities are. This week there was a lot of rain.  And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. The streets turned into rivers and the sidewalks little islands.  When you have to cross the street you are knee deep in water so I was wet all day.   3 days later my shoes are still wet, but oh well, I have another pair.

They had to close down one of the streets because the water was too high.   Most of Santiago south is full of trash and the drains get blocked and then the “backing up” happens.  Some of the members live by a part in the road that’s a valley and they had about 5 to 6 feet of standing water so their drains started to fill up with poop… doesn’t that sound great?   Luckily we were not called to come help them.

We got a new bed this week because our other bed was the Leaning Tower of Pisa and about to tip and fall over at any moment. The new bunk beds are nice and don’t squeak but my head is about 2 feet from the ceiling so thats a burn. I do not have a momita in this area so I have been doing my own laundry and we don’t have a dryer so I have been hang drying everything.

Our place.  This is where we study.

Our place.

This week we were chased by 1 dog, but not just any dog, a Rottweiler dog.  Anyway, it was a really scary experience but we had a dog whistle so it ran anyway luckily.

My second near death experience was in a taxi. Let me tell you taxi drivers here are not good drivers they all think they are freaking nascar drivers. So, we go through this intersection and this truck runs a red light and the taxi driver thinks he can just sneak in front of it, but no, the taxi and the semi both slam on the breaks and miss each other by about a couple of inches it was scary.  I thought I was going to die and said some things in English as it was happening, but no one heard because I was the only white person.  But hey, who wouldn’t shout some not so nice words when they are about to be killed by a taxi driver. But good week and I made it out safe so no worries everyone.

In other news everyone in chile is pretty much sick with a cough.  I took a member to the hospital this week in a wheel chair because she wouldn’t allow us to get her a taxi so we made the 2 mile trek.  It was me pushing the wheel chair because my companion’s ankle “hurt”.

This week on Thursday night and all of Friday we are not able to leave the house.  I don’t know what the holiday is called, but if, you have seen or heard of the movie “The Purdge” its basically that. For those who haven’t seen the movie, basically, the police turn a blind eye and people do what ever they want. Where I live I guess it sees some of the worst of it.

In missionary news we have a baptismal date for the 4th of October so I hope that it happens. I’ve been teaching this kid in “Mango English” (an official language in over 60 territories and widely spoken around the world – basically english-for-latin-american-spanish-speakers)  I don’t know how well because my grammar is so bad as you can tell by reading this blog. When we teach investigators, there are 3 lessons we teach them at first. One about chastity and word of wisdom and tithing. 6 lessons that we teach. I can teach them all in Spanish but people here don’t speak traditional Spanish, Ive learned and they speak super fast.  Every day I pick out more and more words and I live off the context of the sentence.

But it was a good week.  We went bowling today so that was fun.  Loser has to clean the kitchen and bathroom.   You’ll be happy to know I didn’t lose but my companion did.I was a little mad because we were invited to go play basketball in an indoor court facility.  I wanted to go so bad, but my companion wouldn’t let me because he doesn’t like basketball. Like hey, I don’t like soccer but I do it anyway so that was tough for me not to say anything.

Shout out to the #nubsquad
love my mom so much
love my family
love my sisters
Keep it real everyone

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