Week 9 – September 16, 2015

16 Sep

Another week, another time to step in a big steaming dog crap. Super fun I know.  But, let me tell you this poop was huge and got all over my shoe and it was quite the process to clean off.

This week we had the 11th or the (purge) so we stayed in our house for the day which was actually super nice. I slept in until 11 and then had a BBQ which was fun but the meat sucked so that was the only down fall.  I saw singles ward for the first time and it was pretty funny, but I’m sure if I was not on my mission it would have stunk. But during the night of the 10th and the 11th there were plenty of gun shots which was cool but scary at the same time.  No problems for us and the day was very relaxed and we had a good time.

BBQ on the day of the purge.

BBQ on the day of the purge.

Days go by quick and weeks are even quicker. I am teaching more English classes because people hear its free and say “why not”.  I’m teaching about 10 people English and I don’t know how well I’m doing because my English isn’t very good and my grammar is even worse as you can tell by my weekly emails. In my patriarchal blessing it says I will find people I promised in Heaven to teach and I’m pretty sure this guy named Magno is one of them. I  have a love for him I can’t describe. He is the highlight of my day and I feel like I have known and met him before and we have a good time. I love teaching him English because he is so smart.  So that realization I had yesterday (about knowing him) in the middle of the lesson with him was amazing.

I have pretty good Spanish at least that is what people tell me but I’m amazed about how interesting the scriptures are reading them in Spanish and how much information there is in them. Since I’m reading them in Spanish, I’m not very far yet.

We attended one of the members birthday party and were heard some normal music and I have been singing it all week.  I love every opportunity I get to hear regular music. I think music is the thing I miss the most (but of course I miss my family the most).

This week I also had the close call of pooping my pants. We ate some suspect meat for lunch at a members house. I wasn’t feeling so hot that night and at about 9:50 pm I was hit with the runs.  We were speed walking to the house and not running because if I ran, you can guess what would happen. But we literally made it home just in time. Seriously super close call!

In other news, I had my first dream in Spanish.  You might think oh that’s great you’re learning Spanish, but no because in my dream I understood nothing. I was so confused the whole dream and even more confused when I woke up.

No rain this week thank goodness. Great week but really cold I wear a sweater, my down jacket, and my winter coat and I’m still cold, but its OK because summer is near.

This week we had splits. Not only was I paired with a gringo, but a gringo that was in my district in the CCM (MTC). Elder Erickson and I,  combined, equals 1 month in the field.  We were companions for a day and had to go teach and contact with our limited knowledge of Spanish but we actually did really well and understood everything people were saying.  Pretty cool… we felt like real missionaries if that makes sense because we were in charge. People said our Spanish was really good and better than a couple of missionaries who have gone home.
Love you guys
Love ya Kyle
Love my family
Love my mom
Love my dad
Love my sisters

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