Week 10 – September 23, 2015

23 Sep

Todo bien Todo Tranquilo. 

I’m sure you and everyone in the world, really, heard about the earth quake. Where I am, It was rated as a 8.4 on the richter scale so thats pretty cool.  I was actually teaching a lesson in the park to this older couple and it was going really well and everything, but, we had to go to another meeting. So we asked if we could end with a prayer, they said, “yes” and I was just about to start and the ground started shaking. We all looked up and immediately they took off running (well hobbling) away because they were old. They cussed at us, and I’m not sure but I do think they called us “satin” so that was super cool. It lasted for about 1 minute and I was pretty stoked about it because it so weird to see the ground move.   I’m sure for people who do drugs its just like being high. We went to the Comas house (they guy who is blind and has no legs) to help them because their house is made of ply wood and has a metal roof.  We wanted to make sure they were all good.  They were fine but we felt another two little after shocks in their house. But seriously no damage to their house. Everyone was fine and to be honest the whole time I was thinking my mom is probably freaking out. But that was a fun experience.

Gastronomia Peruana - Peruvian Cuisine

Gastronomia Peruana – Peruvian Cuisine

This week was also the 18th of September which is Chile’s 4th of July. So we, of course, had tons of food. We went tracking or contacting (where we go door to door) the first door people invited us to come in and have empanadas and shish-kabobs.  The food was so good but this was right after our lunch so I had, to of course, do my business so I used the bathroom.   It did not smell good so I put some shampoo in the toilet to get the stink away, but no, that only makes bubbles so I flushed like 7 times and when I came out after about 10 minutes I got the looks let me tell you. But its ok, we got invited back to teach another lesson.

The same morning this guy was with his girlfriend and he was stabbed that night and his girlfriend was trying to get him to go to the hospital but he wouldn’t and kept pushing her around.  He left for a bit and we asked her if she was ok and if she needed us to talk to him. She said she was ok. He came back and immediately started yelling at me. I had no idea what he said until after my companion told me. He told me to never talk to his girl and that I am just a stupid white kid and how he worships Osama bin Laden. After about another ten minutes we made sure she got away and we started walking away and he said, I’m going to kill you.” But let me assure you he is not a threat, he was about 5´6 and super skinny.

I think sometimes its a good thing I don’t understand what people say to me because if I would have known everything, I may have pushed him away, but no worries everything is all good.

Thats been my week.  We had a really good week and went to an interactive museum which was really fun but it was all Spanish so that made it a little harder. We went to the museum with Magno so he showed us around town a little too. Im really progressing with my Spanish and having fun.

Me, Magno, and Elder Rodriguez at the Science Museum

Me, Magno, and Elder Rodriguez at the Science Museum

All is well.


Love my Family

Love my sisters

Love my MOM

Love my DAD



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