Week 11 – September 30, 2015

01 Oct

Hola Chicas este semana fui muy tranquilo, but, I had some sicknesses which was kind of a bummer. This past Saturday we had an activity with the church which was super fun and for how small our ward is, we had a lot of people show up. We had about 30 people (so more people than we had at church last week). It was a BBQ and we played a bunch of games.  It was super fun. The ward officially changed my name to Elder Ken. They even brought me a Ken Barbie. Pretty funny, and least it’s not some ugly name so that’s good. We played a little game of basketball. They got really mad because my dribbling was too hard for them. After basketball we ate and the food was good. The meat was, of course, from some random part of the cow. The next day I was really feeling the meat. Lets say I spent most of the day in the bathroom. So we stayed in the house but had to leave for some visits, but after the visit we would have to come right back to the house.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom

One of the visits we had this week was at a less active member that we have almost gotten reactivated. His house its pretty gross.  They have a bunch of dogs so they have a bunch of puppies right now. I know you are probably thinking “aww, cute little puppies” like you would see at the mall. Well they aren’t! They are freaking little Satan dogs. I was sitting and teaching the lesson and my sock felt wet and I looked down and one of these puppies was peeing on my leg. I don’t know whats up here, but,  I seem to have a lot of issues with dogs.



Also this week I met one of our many local drug dealers. We were contacting and he came to the door very slowly and cracked the door open and then we said we were missionaries and he was super nice. He thought at first we were the police. This isn’t the first time someone has mistaken us for the police either. So now when we see him in the streets he comes up and gives us these huge hugs. Love the guy.

I have a about a spiritual experience in every lesson.  Its really cool, this week I was writing down a list of old investigators.  We have a bunch probably over 50, but I wrote down the names I felt prompted to and all of them so far have been really receptive and happy we came back.  A  pretty cool experience.

Not much else happened this week. Ohh this week was the “blood moon” (I think its called in English). We couldn’t see it because of the clouds, we were super sad.

For P-day today… you guessed it, we played soccer. It was fun but I wish we could play a sport I was better at. But when ever we offer to play another sport the Latinos say “no”. So we really have no say right now, but maybe one day it will happen.

We ate at our favorite place which is Peruvian food. Its so good, the people know our name because we are seriously there everyday.

Elder Ken and Elder Rodriguez

Elder Ken and Elder Rodriguez

In food news, I have gained weight about 8 pounds. The food here is so fattening and literally at every house they make us drink coke and eat bread. But don’t worry I’m going to lose it all.

The people here are amazing and I Love them.

Love my Family
Love My MOM

Elder KEN

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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