Week 12 – 10/7/2015

08 Oct


This week, well, not a whole lot happened.

Conference was really cool but super hard to understand because you know I still feel like I don’t speak Spanish all that well yet.

Walking up the hill to Santa Marcia

Walking up the hill to Santa Marcia

Today we went to Santa Marcia. Super cool I’ll send some pictures but basically it’s a hill in the center of Santiago that was used many many years ago for look out. It has the cannons and everything still there. The hike up in our church clothes was a little bit sketchy but it was super cool at the top and you could see everything. Don’t worry mom I took lots of pictures. At the top its like a castle, it was really cool.

Santa Marcia - 10/7/2015

Santa Marcia – 10/7/2015

Well this week we have our first baptism date! It’s for the  25th of October, so coming up pretty soon. Its for Magno and his mom Rosa. They are such amazing people and they really help me and understand my Spanish.

There are a lot of people from Haiti here. They come here for a better job and when they make enough money they try and move to the USA or Canada. We contacted this apartment and this lady knew no Spanish, and, I mean not even a little.   So I tried English and she spoke no English as well, only French. So we ran to Magno’s house and borrowed his computer and used “google translate” to talk to her so that was a pretty unique experience.

People here that don’t like the missionaries they “speak” English to make fun of me, so I usually just call them kooks or clowns and they have no idea whats going on so I feel like I win those battles.

This week was also my first change. A change is every 6 weeks. Every 2 changes you receive a new companion. So this will be my last change with my trainer and after the next one I will receive my new trainer.

Elder Rodriguez and me

Elder Rodriguez and me

Dog story of the week. We were walking to our next visit through an ally and these dogs started going crazy and were barking and cornered us against the wall.  I literally thought, “well this is gonna hurt and I hope they don’t bite my face.” They were jumping up on us and trying to bite and then the owner came around the corner and called the dogs off of us and we started running. Dogs in the street are super nice, but, if a dog has an owner watch out because they are super aggressive.
Yeah sorry, nothing really funny happened this week. Oh, but during conference we were all watching in the stake center with the rest of the stake and this little boy kept running up and down the isle.  He finally made a break for the broadcasting box and the projector and turned off the broadcaster and yanked out the cords of the projectors. He was then swarmed by his family and publicly punished. Kind of funny for me and about 5 minutes later they turned it on again and got it working again at the end for President Monson’s talk.

Mom, I got your letter through pouch last week but I forgot to tell you. Your package hasn’t come yet, but I got Bella’s letter as well (package was sent on 9/8, so it most definitely is on the slow boat!)

My credit card is now working so no worries.

I had a dream about going home from my mission after 2 years and it was like I wasn’t even here.  It made me feel really weird and made me happy to be on a mission if that makes sense.  It felt super weird at home.

I’m staying safe.

Love my Family
Love my MOM
Love my DAD
USA Don’t blow up

View from the center of Santiago

View from the center of Santiago

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