Week 13 – October 14, 2015

15 Oct

Well first things first, I gave a talk this week in church. So, that was easy, but, I was super scared because of my Spanish skills or lack there of. But people understood me and they really liked it. I gave it on diligence because I had to give a lesson on it in the district meeting so I killed two birds with one stone.

Had a really good week as far as missionary work goes.  We found a family and they want to be baptized and also another girl that really likes the church.  So we got some “dunks” on the horizon. “Dunks” is also known as baptisms.

Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple

The ward really is growing and they now love the missionaries. But, yeah, still feeling fat, so, started working out again after I had a frank talk with my companion.

So apparently I need to learn French because all these Haitians want to learn about the church but they speak French and no English so that makes teaching very interesting. I wouldn’t call it lessons, I would call it a game of Charades.

My companion and I are having a lot of fun and I am learning a lot of Spanish.

Elder Rodriguez and I

Elder Rodriguez and I

Our water heater broke this week so we had to to take freezing cold showers so that was super fun. Washing your hair was the worst part.  It literally hurt because it was so cold. Remember when I cliff jumped into the St. Marry´s Glacier water?  Well, the shower water is colder.

The apartment

The apartment

I think some people are wondering about what I eat. Well for breakfast I eat 3 eggs with two hotdogs or I’ll eat instant oatmeal. Yeah not very good. For lunch its always rice with a meat and always bread, if there isn’t bread, it’s not a meal. For dinner I usually eat nothing because they don’t really have dinner here, so I usually just want to go to bed at the end of the day so I don’t make anything.

This week Chile played Brazil in soccer. So it was basically my mission VS my dads old mission and my mission won.  We got to watch a little of it but you can also tell if they score because people honk horns and shoot guns and yell. It actually gets really loud.

I stepped in dog poop this week 2 times but thats seriously normal for me now.

I got your package this week and was super stoked. Thank you so much!

Im gonna start writing things down to write because weeks feel like days.

Love my Family

Love my Mom

Love my Dad

Look at those beautiful mountains behind me.

Look at those beautiful mountains behind me.

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