Week 14 – October 21, 2015

21 Oct

Well well well another week, another time I get to eat Peruvian food on p-day.  Seriously, the food is so good.

Well I don’t know if I can call all the service we do “service” or “free labor”. We have done anything from weeding entire backyards to cleaning out houses with people that leave pee in bottles that we have to dump out. I am convinced though, that the harder or grosser the service is, the hotter my wife will be! Well at least thats what they keep telling me.

We taught the Haitians this week and I use the word taught loosely because its more of us showing a picture and a message in French and after this trying to bare our testimonies to them in Spanish.

My Spanish is improving and so is my shower singing. The shower is the only time I get to really sing as loud as I can.  I can take up to a 20 minute shower, so I take up the full twenty minutes.

Our hot water heater got fixed and now its automatic so we don’t have to light it every time we want to use hot water. It’s a luxury.  Speaking of luxuries, we got a dryer and I’m super stoked on it.  Now i don’t have to wait 3 days for my socks to dry. So right now thinks are really looking up in the ghetto.

For breakfast I’ve been eating oatmeal and chocolate milk.  I blend it together and its kinda like a protein shake and its really good.

To tell you the truth, no “dog stories” this week which is sick and really nice. Actually I take that back. This week the dog that always follows us around was hit by a car and we found our beloved dogs’ body on the side of the road.   It was actually really sad… this happened yesterday.

Elder Rodriguez and I make a great tennis team.

Elder Rodriguez and I make a great tennis team.

Today we played tennis and my companion and I killed it. My companion and I are really good together but we lost in the finals to a team we beat earlier in the day.  It was a heart breaker let me tell you.
We took Antonio and his son to pick up their welfare check.  Since they are both in Wheel chairs and they are not light people made it really hard. It was a about a 30 minute walk/push each way.  It was quite the adventure. The son, I’m pretty sure, has turrets of some sort of simply just no filter when he speaks.  He was hitting on girls in the store which was hilarious.   He had some good pick up lines. He called me his “wing man” and I was pretty happy about that.

Rosa and Magnos baptism will be on the 1st of November so we are pretty happy about that.

Things are going well and time is flying.

My companion was sick one day this week so we stayed home and it was a little nice.  I took a little nap, but, studied and cleaned a lot believe it or not.

The apartment and my sick companion (lower bunk).

The apartment and my sick companion (lower bunk).

Love my Family
Love my parents
Love my Friends
Keep it real

Yours Truly,
Elder Plus size

p.s. You asked me what I wanted for Christmas… I want a pillow and a pedicure, seriously, that’s all I want. Ill think about it this week but that’s about all I want.

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