Week 15 – October 28, 2015

28 Oct

It gets harder to write each week because I have become so accustomed to what happens each day and each week in the mission.

But, whats new for me is I started to work out 2 times a day.  I wake up early to do a little bit more exercise and after we get back to the house in the evening, I do another work out and shower and go to bed. I think its helping me stay awake during the day.

Trip to the temple with Mateo, Rosa and family.  1st. baptism this week.

Trip to the temple with Mateo, Rosa and family. 1st. baptism this week.

Well this is the week for my first baptism ever.  I will be baptizing Mateo and I’m super nervous about it honestly. I just want to say it everyday. We are super stoked for them. We took them to the temple and they received the answer that this is the right path for them and that they need to get baptized. Super cool experience and what made it even better is that after we went to the temple, they took us to this super nice buffet with sushi and any type of food you could imagine.  It was super expensive for around her. The final bill was about 150 $ for 5 of us. But they are rich so its chill.  In Chile the rich are called quico and thats just what they are.

Super nice buffet with sushi and all kinds of food

Super nice buffet with sushi and all kinds of food

I don’t really know how my Spanish is going to be honest, but I can understand the people a lot better and understand just about everything people say to me.

Funny story of the week. There is a cross walk and there are 4 stairs leading up to the side walk or there is a ledge that you can jump up onto. I jumped up the ledge and Elder Rodriguez tried to follow me  and jump as well,but, he didn’t make it and fell back and stumbled and almost fell in front of a ton of cars. People started honking there honks and yelling out the window “buena”.  He got super red and ran up the stairs. It was super funny.

We teach the Haitianos Spanish and they know just about no Spanish or English.  This week we had a lesson with one of the Haitianos and we were at a members house with him and they said a prayer and mentioned his name and he said  “juanclua orar?” and started to pray in the middle of the prayer it was funny and prettying amazing the Haitianos are great people.

My companion and I tell people we are in a play (which we are) and that we are preforming this Saturday. People then ask “what movies have you been in” and we usually make up some movie and people are amazing and want to come to our play so we should have a lot of people at the play which will be pretty cool.

I also have been doing a lot of the members English homework which is super easy. But we usually get like a ride home or something for doing it so its worth it.

We have investigators that have a lot of ghosts in their house that actually torment the kids and the mother.   The 5 year old can describe the ghosts really well.  They are little dwarfs that leave foot prints too. This is completely seriously a pretty different experience. We blessed the house and it was a weird prayer and the sensation was a little off, you could tell there were bad spirits there.  It was a pretty scary but cool experience at the same time.

I cut my finger pretty bad this week.  I was cleaning the blender and started going up and down and I jammed the blade of the blender under my finger nail.  I shouted pretty loud. It went all the way in until the nail stops, so I got it cut pretty good.  So that was super fun and also the same day I made the power go out, so, the day was just not really going my way.

Loving the mission, sometimes not so much Spanish.

Love my Family
Love my Parents
Love my sisters

Elder Losing weight

Ps I have 20 months as of yesterday until I go home.  Pretty crazy to think about that.

Buffets are the best

Buffets are the best

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