Week 16 – November 4, 2015

04 Nov

This week was a busy and a fun week for the boys of San Martin.

Well, if you didn’t already know, I’m an amazing actor. So my companion and I were in a play this weekend with our ward. I had, of course, a very big role in the play…… the shoe shiner :/   Nahh, it was good and we had a cute little dance we did. It was really fun and the stake really liked our little play. I have a video of the whole thing but its too big to send so that stinks.

Stars of the Ward Play

Stars of the Ward Play

Cast of the Ward Play

Cast of the Ward Play

My first baptism was this Sunday and it went super great and was pretty cool to be apart of. I baptized Mateo.  I was so nervous the whole week. We got in the water, I said the prayer perfect, dunked him, and he kicked up one of his legs so it wasn’t valid so I had to do it again. I thought in my head, “of course this would happen to me.” The water was freezing! At first we had it too hot so we turned on the cold water and forgot about it and all the water then became cold. After the baptism, as part of the program, my companion and I and the other two elders in our ward, Elder Facal and Elder Bagwell sang a song.  We sang,  “When I am baptized” we sang one verse in Spanish and the other in English. It was a pretty cool experience.

I had divisions this week with a gringo and it was so much fun because we are really alike and he knows the North Shore of Hawaii really well so it was fun to talk about Hawaii together.

I get a new companion in one more p-day.   I’m a little nervous because I don’t want to get a bad one.

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Shoe Shiner.  I will miss this guy.

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Shoe Shiner. I will miss this guy.

We have this weird smell in our house that could really be anything, but, I think something is dead somewhere inside. We had a cat break into our house. Climbed through one of the windows when we were sleeping and ate a bunch of our food so we think it was a gang of cats.

My companion is a funny guy because he is so blunt and will seriously ask and do anything.  I’m going to start trying that.

We went trick or treating on Halloween and it was really fun.  It was great fun because people thought we were “contacting” so they would give us some random excuse. But we would soon cut them off and say literally, “hey look we are just here to get some candy” we got some laughs and one door shut on us. I think some people just really don’t like missionaries.

We were on the bus today and I had to yell to the bus driver to open the door and stop at our stop because he didn’t see the light on.  He got mad at me and told me to get off the bus. I was really confused because I’m trying to get off the bus but your not letting me. Some people here and everywhere are just really dumb. But… yah know, hater gonna hate.

Finger is doing well after my blender experience which is really good. I was asked to give a prayer in English and I seriously couldn’t do it.  So, don’t expect anymore prayers in English when I get home.

I’m learning a lot and the weeks go by so fast.

Our dog lives on!   Turns out it was another fat dog that looked exactly like our dog OR our dog was resurrected which is pretty cool.  We are super happy about that. Well that’s all for this week.

Elder too big for his bed

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