Week 17 – November 11, 2015

11 Nov

Yeah this week was a good one full of interesting events.

The first is the service we did for this guy with the other missionaries in our ward. Our mission is so small that there are 4 missionaries and sometimes 6 in each ward. We did service for this dude that owns a car shop. And we literally detailed a car for 3 hours. He treated us like his workers and gave us rules on what to do. He wasn’t there half the time so this service was free labor.

The other crazy thing was that I was just about attacked by a dog this week.  We walked past this house and two dogs came out so I jumped at them because when you do they back off. (as I am writing this, I just heard a dog get hit by a car and its crying like crazy.) But anyway, the dogs went in and about 10 seconds later as we were walking I hear one start running and barking like crazy it was running toward me and I started running and looking for a rock.  I found a rock, picked it up, and the dog saw the rock and went back to the house.  I was freaking out. Close call.

One of the Evil Dogs we meet daily

One of the Evil Dogs we meet daily

I had to go to the city and do my visa stuff. We had to take the metro during rush hour in the morning and if I could relate it to anything, I think it would be Hell. People lower their shoulder to make it past the closing door to get in. It was honestly chaos! But we got to the visa place and it’s honestly like a scavenger hunt.   They have you go to all these different building for different steps, it was ridiculous.  So when your waiting at the DMV just think it could be worse.

One of the beautiful buildings in Downtown Santiago

One of the beautiful buildings in Downtown Santiago

We got to walk around downtown Santiago though which was really cool. So beautiful.

This week we also had this guy waiting at the church with his bags asking if he could stay the week in the church. We told him “no” and he wouldn’t leave the inside of the church, so, we had to be a little bit mean to the guy and threaten to call the police. My companion told me to use my forceful voice and tell him to leave, and I did, and he left. I felt pretty tough.

Our Peruvian restaurant brought us into the kitchen and showed us how to make this super good sauce and we were super stoked about it.

This week I confirmed Mateo a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which was a cool experience. I don’t know what I said or if it made sense but oh well it was cool.

Baptism Last Weekend.  I Baptized Mateo

Baptism Last Weekend. I Baptized Mateo

Good week this week, I was a little sick so I lost some weight this week so thats a plus.

I will get a new companion this Tuesday, so I’m a little nervous. I just don’t want my new companion to be a kook.

Wish me luck

Love our ward

Love our ward

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