Week 18 – November 18, 2015

18 Nov

This week, lets see where do i begin……

Well this week I got a little sick and my companion wouldn’t let me leave the house, so I had to stay in the house for 2 days so I am happy to be outside again.

The first day I left the house after being sick we went to go and talk to people in an assisted living home which was pretty fun and they were all so nice but most of them had no idea what was going on. There were about 5 old people living in this house. One of the ladies was super nice and had great stories about the country in the south of chile. But after we left and as I was walking out this dog came running and bit me in the leg and I turned around to kick it but then it bit my other leg. The lady that owned the place felt bad but luckily the dog had all the correct shots so I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I was bleeding from the second bite but the bite wasn’t too deep. But don’t worry I am OK.   Lexi prepared me for this moment.


Me, Elder Hates dogs of Chile

You asked me if I could carry mace spray or insect killer in my bag to ward off dog attacks.  Well, in my mission we aren’t allowed to carry bags because we will be robbed so we are only allowed to carry what we can in our hands.

On Saturday we went to a place called Pomire. Its the furthest we can go for p-day but you can only get there by car. We went with Magno, Rosa and Mateo it was really fun.  The people who live there are know for making pottery out of this special type of clay that is found there. It is one street just full of restaurants and shops to buy things.


One of the many pottery shops in Pomire


It was really cool to see and the empanadas were super good as well. In the picture you can see a 2 kilo empanada which was crazy big.


2 kilo empanada. YUM

They also had horse beef jerky there which was super weird. Ariel, I found tons of pigs and maybe one of the biggest pigs made of clay in the world it was crazy big.


Mateo, Elder Rodriguez, HUGE ceramic PIG, me, Rosa and Magno in Pomire

You are all probably wondering about my new companion. It was super hard to say goodbye to Elder Rodriguez but yesterday I received my new Companion Elder Guzman. He is from New York City and is Dad actually has a mormon message on youtube (its about 9/11). He will be a good companion and will help me a lot with my Spanish which will be vey helpful for me. Don’t know too much about him yet so next week I will write more about him, I attached a picture.


My new companion Elder Guzman from New York City.

I am staying in my same sector so I didn’t have to pack which was super nice. But I am now leader the sector which is pretty scary for me because my new companion expects every day to be completely full.

People say my area is the hardest in the mission. The people in my area are very set in their ways, but, I’ll change that.

Yours truly,
Elder Hates dogs of Chile

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