Week 19 – November 25, 2015

26 Nov


This week was a pretty quick week and was a pretty busy one once again.

The weather here is pretty bipolar so one day it will be almost 90 degrees and the next day it will be in the high 60s so it makes it super hard to know what to wear for the next day.

Well my companion and I are a little more settled in which is good. I work out every morning alone which sucks and one day he wanted to work out so I told him we will go for a run. We probably ran less then a mile and he was done. Sooooo…… that ended his working out with me.

As far as the dogs go, everything is great and we actually have a dog now that will follow us the whole day. When we go into a house for a lesson he waits out side for us and doesn’t leave until we come out. He sleeps on our patio and I feed him hot dogs. One day we were at a lunch at a members house and our dog “dude” was waiting outside. The people we had lunch with have a pit pull mix dog.  We finished eating and went to leave and their dog came running after dude and began to fight. I didn’t want to get bit again so i just watched but the member ran and kicked his dog away and picked it up by the tail to save it from dude. Dude almost killed the dog. But now no one needs to worry about dogs attacking me anymore. Dude is kind of like a German Shepard.

Lets see what else… today for p-day we went to the biggest building in Chile and it’s a mall, it was super cool. The sun is really strong here, so I get a lot of head aches. So I got permission to wear sunglasses and bought some from the mall.

For lunch I had taco bell and it was probably the best tasting taco bell I’ve ever had. After we went to a museum which had an exhibit of Samurai Armor and it was actually really cool.

I forgot my cord for my camera today, so I don’t have any pictures to send but I will try and send some this week if I can.

We are teaching this guy right now named Jaime and he is super awesome, but, he has a brain tumor and has surgery in 2 weeks. He is supper scared and has nothing but fear in his life. We gave him a blessing and he slept for a whole night for the first time in months.   It was a pretty amazing experience.

Im not all about sharing spiritual thoughts in my emails but remember through your faith you can do anything and through your faith you will be blessed and receive the help and comfort you need when your life is hard. Remember the atonement and what Jesus Christ went through for us. Especially during this time of thanks (Thanks Giving doesn’t exist here so I’m pretty bummed about that) Remember your never alone and there is always someone you can talk to. So always say your prayers and tell everyone what you’re thankful for especially this time of year. There you go, my first spiritual email.

Well in other news. The members don’t really like my new companion. They call him a square. He likes to follow the rules and then some. But he’s a good guy.

Elder Dude is my angel

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