Week 20 – December 2, 2015

02 Dec

This week was a little sad because my mom didn’t write me this week.

(note from MOM:  yes, I did!!!… A mom will ALWAYS write to her favorite son without exception!  Computer issues prevented it from sending. I’m so SAD he didn’t get it, but I guess he’ll get two next week) 😦



At the zoo.

Today we went to the zoo it was actually pretty fun and good to get out and see that there are other animals fatter than me in the mission. No, but, there was a pretty cool animal show and water show.


We went as a district so there was a bunch of people there. Everyone thought we were from a rich school so that was pretty funny.


My district.

This week some kids attacked us with nerf guns as we were going through an apartment building to our lesson. And then we were teaching and the door bell rang so I went to go answer it for them and the kids came running in and started to shoot us in the middle of our lesson it was super funny and there were about 12 kids that came in and started shooting.

Lets see, I’ll tell you guy a little about how we get fed here. So we are in charge of our own breakfast and the members will almost always give us lunch. In Chile, the biggest meal is lunch, so usually we will eat at the members house but sometimes they won’t have time and they will give it to us “to go”.  Then we will eat it at our house which is super nice because after we can lay down in our bed until lunch is over. But every lunch is pretty much the same.  We will get rice and chicken so I’m getting a little sick of rice and chicken every day. But dinner doesn’t exist here because no one has enough money for 2 meals a day. So they have this thing called “Once”.  (Once is Chile’s evening snack/tea time – Onces can be empanadas or little sandwiches filled with meat)  So, we pretty much may have a little sandwich and usually ecco which is kinda like coffee but without caffeine. It is actually super good or we will drink tea. At first I hated it so much, but, now I love it.

This week we received a call by this guy. I answered the phone and he knew my name.  We went to his house and found out he has been a investigator of 20 years. He was showing us pictures of all the missionaries in the mission and he knew all their names. He is a huge stalker. He knew where I was from and he was super weird.  He is 36 and his job is a paper boy. It was one of the weirdest lessons I have ever been in and I felt so weird. He asked if we could stop by everyday but he settled for 2 times a week. We will see how the next lesson goes.

The language is really coming along, I can almost say everything I want to say.

The one thing I miss the most about home would have to be music, so, thats been the hardest thing for me.

Well the weather has been getting really hot and it is only the beginning of summer,  so, yesterday I shaved my legs! One of the other missionaries said it would help to stay cool, so now my legs are silky smooth and it has actually helped a whole lot.  I have little legs though.

But yeah, that’s whats new with your boy Elder Brown.

Also our mission president didn’t let us play football on Thanksgiving so that stunk and no one here celebrates Thanksgiving (of course) so that was a little sad.

Love ya guys


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