Week 21 – December 9, 2015

10 Dec


Well this week so super hot! Its been about 32 Celsius, so you can do the math (about 90 degrees).  All I know is that its super hot and you don’t want to be out side just walking. No one here has A/C so thats been a huge problem. Im pretty wet during the day so its pretty gross.

Lets see, today was p-day, so we did a little bit of Christmas shopping so hopefully I can send my package out this week. After shopping, of course, we ate at the Peruvian food place! It was super good today.


Elder Mazuela and I at the internet cafe for our email time today.  Notice Dude (my bodyguard) waiting for us.  

Elder Mazuela and I have been running together in the mornings which has been super nice. Elder Mazuela is from the north of Chile and he was in my group in the CCM so it pretty nice living with him. He’s  a cool dude.

This week we took Antonio to the hospital (he is the son on the big dude with no legs and can’t see). Antonio is in a wheel chair as well. He had a surgery and the incision got infected so it was pretty bad.   We took him to the hospital to get his wound cleaned and they had me help clean his wound which was quite weird! But you know, typical out of the United States health care. His leg is pretty gross.

As far as investigators go. We are running low. We have recent converts, but, we have very few investigators so we are doing a lot of contacts. I always ask to use the bathroom to get into peoples’ house and it works a lot.

My companion has some pretty rank feet (rank = horrible, disgusting) he has a good fungus and he doesn’t change his socks. But you know, we have windows for a reason. I think I’ll been with him for the next 2 changes because he is going home in March.

My Spanish is coming a long good.  I can now  say “HI” in Spanish. HaHa.  No, but, people think I have a year on the mission so I think that means my Spanish is good.

Im having fun here and liking the heat and hating it at the same time.

I met Elder Littlefield today. Pretty cool, we were in the same ward in Ohio and it turns out we are in the same mission. It was a weird moment when I was trying to figure out how we knew each other.


Elder Littlefield (from Ohio) and I.

Christmas here is weird.  We will have a ward activity on the 25th, so I hope we get to go because with out that, we will have nothing else to do. Christmas here is pretty different, not many people have a tree up and not many decorations. It feels like summer, not christmas. But it should be fun.

Having fun con color no mas. Yo quiero ustedes mucho

Elder Sweatin hard

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