Week 22 – December 16, 2015

16 Dec

This week like all the other weeks has gone by pretty fast.

First I’ll answer some questions. You were wondering who Elder Mizuela was… they guy I run with in the morning. We live with 2 other elders. These two elders are in our ward as well. Here they have usually 4 to 6 missionaries to each ward so we all live in the same house. Its pretty nice because it can give you a break from your companion. But yeah we will run in the morning and dude will run with us sometimes. Sometimes  he will be with us and some days he wont at all, it depends. But he goes and hangs out with other missionaries as well.

This week I really questioned my athleticism. We were leaving the house after lunch and I saw a tree with peaches on it so I jumped up to grab one and twisted my ankle when I landed…… But I kinda have an excuse, it was because there was a huge crack in the sidewalk.   So half the side walk was about 5 inches taller and I landed on the crack. Hurt pretty bad. I still got a little limp walk from it but its OK.

We walk on the train tracks to get back to our house at night because it’s way faster. We were crossing the bridge and you have to walk carefully because there are holes between the tracks and right at the end my companion fell and let out a super girly scream. He like through up his books and they all fell. Luckily we were at the end of the bridge and there was the side of the hill to catch him but he had to go under the bridge and had grease all over his white shirt.  It was pretty funny but I don’t think he thought it was to funny.

We have 3 little trees now thanks to my mom. Its huge and its the best looking for sure.  We haven’t had time to decorate it all yet. We started the 12 days of Christmas packages and we are always super stoked to come home and open something.


Elder Mizuela and I working out next to our new tree (before decorations).

I bought some pan cake mix this week so I’m pretty stoked about that. Our next p-day will be on a Friday, since it’s Christmas, so we will skype on Christmas day around 5 so be ready. I’ll let you know more during this week.

This week for p-day we went and I did my last shopping for Christmas for you guys and I just sent my package. It should be there in about 10 days so I was happy it should be quick. We also got in a nap this week for p-day it was only 20 minutes but it was amazing.

Christmas here is a little weird not many people have Christmas lights and no one plays Christmas music and when they do its in Spanish and the Spanish Christmas music stinks… I hate to say it.

But that’s been my week this week. SHOUT OUT TO MY MOM for my sick Christmas packages.


My companion and I and our Kit Kats

Elder Someone needs to post more pictures on my instagram.
(member showed me it and it had one picture from the mish)


One of our christmas trees.

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