Week 23 – December 24, 2015

26 Dec

We received a package and 2 letters today (12/24/2015) from Elder Brown.  So I transcribed the letters below.  We are opening the package tomorrow when we Skype Chandler, but here are the letters.  We will post something in the next few days about our much anticipated Skype call with Chandler.IMG_2139 
Merry Christmas My Family,

Well I got you guys some little gifts.  These are all things Chilean and most of them I have bought off the street.  I want you guys to know I love you so much.  I seriously have the best family.  It seems everyone here has families that are super boring.  We always have such a good time.

Sorry I couldn’t make it home for Christmas.  Im a little busy right now.  And I think I may be busy next year as well but only one more Christmas without the favorite son/brother.  I miss you guys tons but I know you guys are doing fine.  The 25th (Christmas) I will have completed over 5 months of the mission.  So for the next year and a half you guys can’t go do cool stuff. But I get to Skype you guys on Christmas day so that will be super nice.  Remember you guys have to tell me if I’m getting weird.  I hope that I’m not.

My first Christmas away from home will be a little weird but I know this is where I am suppose to be.  I just hope I don’t get attacked by a dog on Christmas.  Our ward is having an activity on the 25th at a pool, so we are trying to get permission to go so don’t worry the members will take care of us.  The members really don’t “get” my companion.  People skills are very important here as well as your first impression.

Oh!  one more thing. My companions feet smell terrible and he has a foot fungus and he doesn’t change his socks everyday.  I about die every time he takes off his shoes.  As of now, he is cleaning his feet over the floor so all of his grossness is all over the floor.

I love you guys tons and can’t wait to Skype you guys.
Much Love from,

ELDER My Family is better than your Family.


Letter from October that we just received with Christmas Package:


(Hello, my name is Magno and I’m Chilean.  I have 19 years old, I measure 1.65 cm., I have dark hair and brown eyes.  I liked maps, when I was younger I liked to draw maps of all types.  But now I’m enjoying more the technology, I find it interesting.  I also like the food, but I don’t eat in excess.  I’m usually quiet and very reserved, but I try to be more sociable, it is very difficult for me, but with effort anything is possible.

The letter above is from Magno one of our investigators we teach English to.  He is an amazing kid. One day for his homework I had him write about himself and this is what he wrote. We will baptized him and his mom on October 25th.  But yeah, I love when I get mail from you guys so I hope it is the same for you when you get this.

First, I want to say look out for when I get home because I have gained some weight. The food here is so good, but it is not the best for you.  We eat bread with everything and water doesn’t exist here so its soda only.  My companion says he wants to wake up and work out because I really want to but when never sets the phone alarm for the right time and always says “tomorrow”, but that doesn’t happen.

Elder Rodriguez and I talk a lot abut our families and I always talk about you guys and he gets pretty jealous because you guys are pretty freaking great.  I’m writing now while my companion takes a shower because they are seriously about 30 minutes.

I’m officially in a play for the church.  I have no idea what its’ about but we had our first practice and it went well.  They said I’m a good dancer and it made Rodriguez a little jealous because he actually does dance and they said nothing.

So we do a ton of service!! But the real question is…. Is it really service or free labor? We have been weeding this guys yard that is a member and he sits and just watches us.  I love doing it though because it gets me in normal clothes and being outside and working.  Here is an average day on the mission.  Pretty basic:

7:00 – wake up and exercise
8:00 – breakfast
8:30 – personal study
9:30 – companionship study
10:30 – 12 week program
11:30 – language study
1:00 – lunch (usually at a members house)
2:00 – leave the house for appointments
10:00 – back in the house
10:30 – planning
11:00 – free time, usually a game of UNO
11:30 – bed time

Next package, I’ll send one of my planners home so most likely Christmas.  I am starting to drink a lot of tea called mate and ecco.  I feel like an old person when I do.  I’m writing this letter on the 15th of October.  This is my 3rd month on my mission which is super crazy to me and its going by so fast.  I love you all so much and think about how amazing and special you are.  I have the best family in the world!!


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