Week 24 – January 1, 2015

01 Jan


This week has been pretty fast and pretty crazy.

The skype call with the family on Christmas Day was super good.

On Saturday we received a call to tell us who is going to leave and who is going to stay in the sector. I was thinking nothing was going to change but when they called me they told me that I was going to leave the sector so I was pretty sad about that. So for the next 2 days I was saying goodbye to everyone in my sector which was pretty hard because I have been with them all for my whole mission. I think my hardest goodbye was with Antonio and then Magno, Rosa and Mateo. It felt super weird saying goodbye.


Antonio and I (he is sick and may loose his leg).  Hard goodbye.


Another hard goodbye.  Magno, Rosa and Mateo. My first baptism was Mateo (holding the cat).  


Antonio and his family


Still more goodbyes


And more goodbyes.

We were 20 minutes late to the transfer meeting because our ride couldn’t find the keys. So I walked in and sat down then 20 seconds later my companion was called in so we made it just in the nick of time. Then my companion, Elder Guzman, heard his name for a different sector and no one told him he was going to leave. But it turns out that they are closing our sector so thats why we had a change so early. I am now with Elder Fowles. He’s so fun, we have such a good time together.  He is from Arizona and is a big kid. Im in a sector called Lo Blanco its pretty sick and its way bigger than my old sector which is super nice. So everything is going good. I am Elder Fowles “greeny breaker” so that means he just got off his training. I am super happy to be here with him. We live in a house with 2 other elders and they are both gringos as well. The house is super fun with them.

Today, New Years Day, was p-day and it was super weird because everything was closed and there was no one in the streets. We found one restaurant that was open and then we played soccer with the zone today. Next week p-day will be on Wednesday again so I’ll be able to to write you guys soon. My new sector has a lot of country.

Time is going bye so quick.

Weird story of the week. We contacted this lady and she told us her story about how she woke up one day and she saw the face of Jesus, pretty weird. And, yesterday a car stopped and they shouted, “gringos son guapos” and whistled and drove off.  It was pretty weird. We couldn’t tell if they were men or women so that was weird.

Love you all and hope you guys have a great week.

Elder finally smaller than my companion

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