Week 25 – January 6, 2016

06 Jan

This week was a pretty cool week with a lot of new faces. Well, all new faces. My new sector is big but when you compare it to other missions, its tiny, but I still get a little lost.


Some of the Elder Gringo’s in my new sector playing soccer.

Being with a gringo is pretty fun because finally we like the same stuff, so that’s super fun. We kill it in the streets and people always stare because we are two tall gringos with blond hair and blue eyes.


Elder Fowles and I.

This week for one of our mornings we went and ran to a mountain and then hiked up and did our studies on top of the mountain which was super cool.  Some random dog followed us up the whole way.   You have to climb up the back way or else the German Shepard’s will eat you, so we were all kind of worried having another dog with us.

In this area we do a lot of service which is always nice because then I don’t have to wear a shirt and tie. But, basically we just help members with house projects.

A lot of people speak English in our ward and when I say a lot, I mean 3 people. But, its still pretty cool to speak with people in English other than my companion.

I’m honestly really surprised on how well we teach, because for how little time we have, we can say what we want and people for the most part understand us.

But this week we were in the street and these kids were playing basketball and they wanted to play us.  So we told them we would play them to 3 and if we won they would have to hear a lesson.  We killed them and blocked all their shots in our white shirts and ties. It was fun! Needless to say we taught them a good lesson. But, really, they never stood a chance. They were vertically challenged and were playing two white kids that played high school basketball.

Also, this week we were walking through a little park thing and we found this drunk dude dancing in the park with super loud music, so, he made us dance with him so basically we were in the park dancing with a drunk dude. It was pretty funny, people that drove by keep honking it was funny.

Hey mom, so I was thinking about maybe some new shoes for my birthday because my brown ones might die soon because I wear them everyday, and maybe a belt that goes with them, but that’s about it for my birthday. Also, I finally bought a pillow this past week its amazing, it was $20,000 pesos. I also received a letter from you, and your package with the ties and money, and the other letter I got as well with the money. Thank you so much mom. I seriously have the best mom and everyone tells me how awesome you are because really you are.

Love you all,
Elder Gringo



being a little silly

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