Week 26 – January 13, 2016

13 Jan

Heyyyyy yooooo well this week was pretty good. Not a lot happened, but, it was a good week.

I met a ton of weird and strange people just like always. To be honest I don’t really remember what happened this week. And I literally write in my journal everyday.

We met a lady this week and she was telling us how she had the gift to give blessings. So, of course, we asked for one and it was one of the most unusual experiences in my life to be honest. She took our hands, started to rub them, and then started to pray. During “our blessing” she mostly talk about herself and the South of Chile being the most beautiful place in the world, it was pretty was weird. It was really more of a hand massage then anything.

This week I was also asked, because I live in Colorado, if my basement is full of weed. I played a long and told them yes it was, so we actually taught him a lesson.  I think I’ll tell him my basement isn’t  full of weed at our next lesson.   We teach a lot of people but most just let us in because we are white and some people I think only are listening to us because they think we are cute.


Empty streets on New Years Day.  Elder Fowles and I

My companion has been in the sector for about 3 months so he knows his way around and we already have some investigators that have a couple dates but that doesn’t mean a whole lot because the investigators need to do their part as well which makes it a little harder.

Some of the people here aren’t educated so it makes it a little hard to teach them.   Sometimes I use words that they don’t even know and I am just about to have 6 months here. The people are good to teach and they try to prove me wrong with the bible but I have learned a lot about the bible during the mission so I usually win and then they let us in to teach them.

Dogs are still a big issue in my life. There are a couple of dogs by some of the houses we pass by frequently where their dogs want to kill us. We usually carry rocks in our hands to protect us from the dogs. Other than that, this area is pretty safe. But, we were walking home the other night and saw this huge brawl of people fighting on a bridge that we use and walk across to get home. But as far as my sector goes its good. The people usually leave the missionaries alone. Below are a few photos along the path we walk… a little trash occasionally.

I think one thing I have learned so far is to not take “no” for and answer because it usually works but other times they just yell and cuss at us.

Today I got my hair cut and I think I should have just done it by myself because its pretty bad to be honest. I’m thinking about just buzzing my hair because they kinda messed up my top.

In my sector there is a farmers market every Saturday and Tuesday so we always go and get really good and cheap fruit, its super nice to have.

This week I had a food called pastel de choclo.


Pastel de choclo

Which means like pastry of corn. Basically its puréed corn with meet and eggs and olives and then you bake it in the oven, its like a casserole. It was ok, I wasn’t too stoked on it, but, my companion was dying. He didn’t like it at all and they kept asking if he liked it and you cant say no. So he kept eating… lets just say he used the bathroom after.


Well it was a good week with some weird people like always.

Elder Engordando


photo shoot or filming happening on the roof:


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