Week 27 – January 21, 2016

21 Jan

This week has been super hot so basically we walk around pretty sweaty all day. Most people don’t even have fans in their house and they always have leather couches so we get even more sweaty.

We found these kids and their aunt and they are super cool.  After every lesson, we play soccer with all the kids from the block its pretty fun because they are all actually really good.

Our ward is playing volleyball and they always ask me play after I showed them a little clinic. They think I’m really good.

We were eating lunch in this members house for lunch one day this week and the room we were eating in had no windows or a fan and they gave us freaking hot soup! It was 38 degrees Celsius which was ridiculous. We went outside and it felt better outside. I don’t know what kind of cruel joke it was to feed the sweaty missionaries hot soup.
Well, another thing is Chile is very dirty environmentally and this week a trash field caught on fire so we had to walk around the streets with masks on and in the morning we couldn’t leave our house because the air quality was too bad. It literally smelt so bad.


SAM_1126 (1)As you can see from the picture, there is a ton of weed here and just about everyone that has space grows weed in their yard.   Someone gave us a bag of weed leaves to put in hot water to help us sleep.   Like I don’t understand why they gave it to us, but now I have some sweet weed book marks.

This week was also my birthday for the mission. I now have 6 months in the mission and so like tradition we had a fire in our side yard and I burned a tie.


Its crazy to think I’ve already been out for that long. I’m learning a lot and a lot more about the scriptures and more about the bible which is good because everyone here tries to bible bash when they haven’t even read the bible. I now kill the Latinos with my bible work.  A lot of testigos de Jehova contact us and try to tell us to repent. If anyone has a doubt in our church they need to just read the Book of Mormon because through that book we can feel the spirit and we can actually find out our answers. I am actually going through a personal conversion as well because before my mission, I just believed, but now I know that this church is true and I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and the first vision is real and did happen. Every time I share the first vision in a lesson, I know its true and that’s honestly the highlight of our lesson and, during the time I am reciting it, every time there is complete silence.


This is a sign we use to help us contact.  We used it over the freeway to get attention.

I have also now learned, if I scare the dog first, they won’t come after me.  And now I walk with a stick to hit dogs.

Today was pday so we went and ran to a mountain and climbed up and did our studies on the top. After we took a nap. Then we got lost lost on a bus and that took about an hour to figure out. We went to this American store and got a ton of food from America! Its great.

We did a lot of service this week. We laid cement for 8 hours… that was super fun. Then, we actually cut someones grass with paper scissors it was ridiculous it literally took 4 hours.

People here, I love them, but most of the time some of them don’t think with their head.

Love you guys
Shout out to the nub squad

Elder who needs a lawn mower

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