Week 28 – January 27, 2016

27 Jan

Well this was a pretty good week. But not a whole lot happened.  Time goes by so fast. I really can remember getting on the plane at gate 26. Its crazy to think about how much time has past and I still have lots of time left, but, I’m enjoying my time.

Today for p’day we went to play soccer at the church so that was pretty fun. Soccer is growing on me a little bit but if we had the opportunity to play any other sport, I would jump at the chance.

I’m enjoying my Companion, Elder Fowles.  The only bad part about having a white comp is that he really can’t help me with my Spanish,  its mostly me helping him with his Spanish. I end up having to explain to people what he said because they didn’t understand him. He is a football player and he has lost about 50 pounds on the mission because now he doesn’t eat crappy food.

We are still working out every morning. I do this exercise called t-25 it pretty cool its like p90x but for only 25 minutes. It’s pretty hard, but shorter because we really don’t have that much time in the morning to work out. Every night I feel like I close my eyes for 5 minutes and then it’s the morning. So you could say I miss sleep kind of a lot.

We have a part in our sector that we have to walk pretty far to get too its right by the mountain.  So we walk on dirt roads and found some huge houses. One of the big houses we contacted they answered and we got super excited to go in and see this huge house but turns out he was the gardener, so, we have a lesson with him. But he lives close to our house.

We went to Santiago this week to receive my Carnet.  My Carnet card is basically a card that means I’m legal here in Chile. Now, my companion has to start the process. We left at 8 in the morning and came back at 6 in the evening.  We took a wrong bus back from Santiago.   Part of it was our fault because we fell asleep on the bus and I think we missed an important stop but we ended up walking an hour and a half back to our house because we went to the end of the line. It was quite the experience. So you could say that was a pretty long day.

We contacted a military base this week so that was pretty cool. We got a picture with one of the guys we talked to.  We talked with him in the military guard office for a while it was pretty fun and something that would never happen in the United States.


We have been doing a lot of walking and its only been getting hotter! My shirts are getting a little “not white” but it just distinguishes the old and the new missionaries so I’m earning my Rank.

It rained yesterday which is unheard of in the summer so its really cooled off… well, just a little.

One of the summer drinks here in the summer is called Mote con huesillo. (I cant remember how they spell it). But its basically concentrated peach juice with like this corn stuff and then a dried peach in it as well and its served super cold. So a member owns a store so when ever we pass they always give us some. At first I hated it, but, now I have gotten used to it. I think thats one thing Chile and my mission has done to me. I now eat things I hate just because if I don’t, people will get mad. But Im learning to like new things.


Mote con Huesillo – summer drink

We got invited to a college party this week so that was interesting. We passed by to try and teach a lesson but it was literally just a bunch of kids doing drugs, so we never entered.

Thats another week in the life of  Elder Brown.

Love you guys
Love the Fam
Shouts to the NUB squad

Elder we’re not the police

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