Week 29 – February 3, 2016

04 Feb

This week was another hot one let me tell you!   We try to only walk in the shade because we show up to people’s homes like wet. So, when the missionaries show up to your house a sweaty mess, just know I am the same way.

However, this week we did not get lost on a bus. We used a different method of transportation. This week we used the “hitch hike” method and I would rate it 10/10, it worked super well. We had a visit way out in the country about a 45 minute walk down a long, straight dirt road and we saw a truck approaching and put our finger out, and he stopped for us.  We road in the back of his truck for a good 15 minutes down the road it saved us so much time and the best part was that it was free and he played his music really loud so we could hear it.

A fun game we like to play is “have fun with the drunks”. One thing about my sector is that there are a ton of drunks and it doesn’t matter the time of day. Usually they try to sell us stuff they may have found in a huge trash pile. The crazy part is a lot of people buy things of them. But we always like to teach about how our bodies are temples and some of them get mad and some try to agree with us. The best part is that they will say the most random things. Last night we played this game and this guy told us he new German and started to speak Chinese and I think the dude actually knew Chinese because it actually sounded real. So if we ever want a good laugh we will always go to them and they will give us something funny to laugh about.

Another game we play is “hay choclo en maipo” the translation is….. is there corn in maipo but miapo literally sounds like “my poo”. So we always ask people about maipo and the first person to laugh loses this game.  It is very hard because the people’s responses are ridiculous. The other day a lady told us “no, but they have huge rocks in miapo”. Another classic was “no, but I have seen a lot of monkeys in maipo”. I know what your thinking, how immatur, but its probably one of the funniest things to do.

My companion and I have really been killing it and have been teaching a ton of lessons. On Monday, for example, we taught 8 lessons in one day and the average is 3-4 for our mission. So we have been doing really well. We are getting close to a couple of baptisms which would be really cool, but, Victor needs to come to church and the other people need to get married or split up, so that will be kind of hard.

This Catholic came up to us this week and told us how the Catholics are better because their churches are better, and almost everyone Catholic, and how they are the biggest church.  I showed him a scripture in 2nd Nephi about how we need to watch out for the great and spacious building lead by leaders with big and fancy robes. He knew that it was about the Catholics and then we taught him about how prophets lead the church not a pope, he got very quiet. We have a appointment to teach him now. Pretty funny.

Today we played volleyball for pday it was ok. Half the missionaries aren’t very athletic, so, its exactly how you can imagine… someone serves and it maybe goes over and then comes back over. Not very exciting.  But after we ate some super good watermelon that we bought so that was a plus.

Our service this week was actually pretty fun. My companion, Elder Fowles and I are literally remodeling a house by ourselves for service. They give us the tools and tell us what to do and then they watch. They say its because we are taller and stronger which is true but they are 26 and 28 years old, they should be able to do it. But hey, I actually really like it.

I am having a lot of fun on the mission and I am learning a ton about myself and about other people and how to deal with different types of people. The time is literally flying by and the people are really great. Im loving the mission but I’m not too crazy on the hot weather.

Sorry about no pictures, there will be some this week. The technology here is like excuses… every one has them but they suck.

Love yours truly,
Elder Childish games

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