Week 30 – February 10, 2016

10 Feb

This week I was a Missionary again, and, I taught people about Church and the Book of Mormon……A lot of people yelled at us and a lot of drunk people tried to kiss us, so, really it was just a normal week.

This week we had “changes” (transfers) but nothing changed so that was nice. It’s super crazy how time goes by.

A lot of people (because we are white) asked us who won the super bowl? Of course, we had no idea but I guess people in Chile even watch the Superbowl which is kind of cool.

DSC08038 - Copy

House mates


Hike to the top of the hill

One of our house mates Elder Anderson got a new companion he’s from Canada so that’s pretty rare. He is cool. He has a basketball, so he became our friend quickly! This morning we played basketball at our local park and I’m pretty sure it was the first time a basketball had touched the court. And, it was my first time playing basketball since I left home.

For some reason dogs hate us, but, once in a while we find a special dog.  We found a dog named Oso, he’s a huge, black St. Bernard.  He followed us home and chilled at our house for a while we fed him our gross lunch that we didn’t eat. But he would literally look at dogs and they would stop barking a us it was so great. DSC07952

This week we also had some people finally come to church with us. One of them was our Hatiano he knows Spanish, French and Creole. We were watching The Restoration on youtube and pushed the sub title button so he would read and listen to it in English. The subtitles were so bad they were talking about Obama and they literally didn’t even follow the movie. Most of the time they were correct but every once in a while they were so far off we had a hard time holding in our laughter.

Speaking of Church.  I was able to record a quick tour of our Church Building.  Enjoy.

This week we meet a lot more drunk people and had some fun with them. One told us he was super good at beat boxing but was so drunk and probably high that he couldn’t do it and could barely talk.  We found him the next morning passed out under a tree.

This week we went to one of the only Wendy’s in Chile, it was so good! It was one of the best lunches I have had on the mission. But they didn’t have frosty´s so I told them this really wasn’t Wendy’s. They felt bad after my joke and gave me a free milk shake so I was stoked. But other than that it was pretty good.

This week our service opportunity was making holes for the foundation of a house. We had to make 80 holes (10 per person) using metal rods to dig. This was also the hottest day of the week and we literally came back to our place so hot and sweaty, and then people were working on our bathroom, so we had to wait an hour to shower. I now have some very good blisters on my hands. But it was a fun service if you could believe that.

Well good week!
Love you all.
Shouts to the nubsquad

Love Elder Service


I’m official.  My Chilean ID

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