February 16 – email from Nora Pino

17 Feb

Chandlers Mom:

Today I received an email from someone named Nora Pino.  Not recognizing the name, I was instantly curious.  The email was in Spanish, so I quickly copied and pasted it into google translate and while the translation was rough, I knew it was from someone who knows and loves Chandler.  Reading this immediately melted my heart knowing that someone is loving my son enough to reach out to me and tell me so.  When Steve got home from his meetings, I had him read it and further translate it for me. Of course I wrote her back right away and hope to continue communicating with her and beginning a friendship.   Below is the email and translation.


hola hermana soy la hermana nora de chile en donde esta su maravilloso hijo en la mision. soy del barrio lo blanco y estoy feliz de poder tener a su hijo aqui en mi barrio y en mi pais. soy bendecida por conecer a su hijo el es una persona muy especial y trabajador en la obra. tiene la vendicion de tener un hijo maravilloso. trabajador en la obra del señor. puede estar tranquila el siempre le recuerda y habla mucho de ud. su madre.estare escribiendole y la proxima semana le mandare unas fotos. cuidese y amamos mucho a su hijo. cuidese y saludos a la familia. cariños de chile.


Hello my name is Nora. I am from Chile where your wonderful son in on his mission . I am from the blanco neighborhood and am happy to have your son here in my neighborhood and my country. I am blessed to know your son. He is a very special and hard-working person.  Know that you have a wonderful son who is doing the lords work. You can rest assured he always remembers and talks a lot about you and writing his Mother.  I will tell him to send some pictures next week. 

We look after and love your son very much . Take care and greetings to your family .

With affection from chile. 


Today in my email to Chandler I asked him about her and who she was.  He said, ”

She is a lady in our ward. We are pretty close with each other.  Keep writing her ,she would love it. She is so sweet.”

Im so grateful to have sweet and caring angels around my son to love and look after him when I can’t be there to do it myself.

~a grateful moma

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