Week 31 – February 17, 2016

17 Feb


Well this week flew by and really nothing happened. I look back at it and we really didn’t do a whole lot. Did the regular “mission thing”.  Woke up early, pulled myself out of bed, worked out.  This week I really tried to stay awake during my studies in the morning. Mate  is really helping me out. After that we go out and start teaching people.

I dont know why, but people think its a good idea to feed us freaking hot soup with its 100 degrees outside but we get it about every other day. I probably sound horrible saying that.

I know everyone was worried about my weight (well mostly me) but I’m now cutting weight and I lost 4 pounds this week. Thank you, hold your applause. All I did was not drink soda that everyone tired to give us. I avoided it by carrying a water bottle around which helped out a ton.

We have been house hunting because our house is pretty sketchy and has super bad wiring. But I guess in the ghettos we live in, all the ghetto people want to live here so its impossible to find a house to rent.

We had a fire last night for “P-day Eve” and we threw an arisole can in the fire and the explosion was so loud even behind our barricade it left our ears ringing and all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking. We heard people saying Los gringos están quemando la casa. Or the white guys are burning their house. Pretty funny.

We went bowling this week and it was pretty fun. All the dogs that hate us… well we have been starting to reverse the roles now. We try to scare them and it kind of starting to work, granted that sometimes the dogs come and chase us. But, I would say we are having success.

Well I’m having fun still. I let you know when I’m not, but, I doubt that will happen.

Pray for me, I’m turning 20 tomorrow thats pretty scary. I hear after 20 its all down hill. We will see whats happens, I think we might make a cake or something.

Love you guys

Love the fam


Elder Over the hill


Elder Fowles and I in the park.


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