Week 32 – February 24, 2016

24 Feb

The more time I have on the mission, the more I think all of my days looking back are the same. But, then I realize each week a few things that stand out.

Well, after you wear the same clothes (especially pants) a lot, they start to get worn out. So this week I was going to sit down and I heard a big pop. Turns out it was my pants and I busted the seem between my legs, so, I sewed it up and then and I ripped it again after I had just sewn it shut. So I think I’m going to sew it one more time and if it breaks, oh well.

Lesson learned: how to fix pants on the mission.
Things I haven’t learned:  how to sew pants well and make it look good.

Also, this week was my birthday and it was really just like every other day, but I got a sick package from my mom so it made my day a lot better. I have had my birthday package for about 3 weeks but I didn’t open it until my birthday! Talk about temptations! We had a pretty busy day with a lot to do. But I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday.  But our last lesson of the day we went to a less active family that we have meet with twice. I walked in and they had balloons and all these decorations and they had even bought me a cake. It was super weird, but, super nice! They sang me happy birthday, and, just like all the Chileans they butchered my last name “Brown” (I’m not sure why they cant say it). But, we ate cake with them and then shared a lesson with them. We went back home to the house and I wasn’t feeling very well, so I went to bed and woke up in the morning pretty sick. So the next day was a little rough but I’m now recovered.

The next day on Friday, we had 30 minutes before we needed to be in the house and we were pretty tired, but we decided to find a drunk guy and talk to him. As we were walking we walked past a street that was really dark and this guy was like “pssssst” and he signaled us to come and follow him so we did and he told us he was hiding from the devil. The dude was sooooo drunk . So our prayers were answered, we found our drunk guy. We shared with him a scripture and helped him get to his house. He was also doing crack because he was walking around with his crack pipe. We scheduled a lesson with him and went by but he had visitors so we couldn’t teach him.  BUT,  don’t do drugs. Also, while we were talking with him before we shared a lesson with him he was singing “ei ei oh” and dancing and we started doing it with him I’m pretty sure people thought we were drunk as well.

We’ve been teaching some inactive families.  Everyone that is inactive here is inactive because someone has offended them. But, they wouldn’t go inactive if they could forgive people and know that they go to church for god.


Love my Book of Mormon Cover – Front view


 Book of Mormon scripture cover – side view

We have a investigator named Lisette and she will be getting baptized in a couple weeks. She is doing so well and received a really cool answer to her prayers.  She knows that everything we have been telling her is true. One night she prayed to receive an answer, and, after her prayer a butterfly flew in her window and landed on her hand. She loves butterflies. I have been in Chile for more than 7 months and I have never once seen a butterfly!

Gonna get “churchy” on you guys right now. I know heavenly father hears and will answer our prayers. I know that if we ask and then act on our faith, we will receive answers to our prayers. I want everyone to know we have a Heavenly Father and he knows us individually and loves every single one of us. So say your prayers! Love you guys

Love my family
Shouts to the NUBSQUAD

Elder blown out inseam

ps. dad, keep working hard so you can take me to Bali after my mission


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