Week 33 – March 2, 2016

04 Mar

Made this week a good week. The thing is everyone is on vacations. Basically this is how Chileans work. They work all year and they never take vacations, but, then when summer hits they all leave and go to the beach or to the south of Chile. They all come back about a month later. They literally come back when they have no money left. So then they start working again its super strange.

But, this week my pants ripped again but I have given up sewing them. I really like the pants so I’m just chillin and wearing them with the hole and embracing it. Lesson number 2 on the mission sometimes you compromise style for comfort and sometimes you compromise a hole in your pants for better air ventilation. Mom, no worries they sell pants here and I will be getting a new pair when we go into Santiago next.

I saw a bunch of kids skateboarding this week it kinda bummed me out. I miss doing cool things other than missionary work. And to make it worse the next day I saw a car with a bunch of surfboards on it driving down the freeway. Got me thinking about Hawaii real hard.

Cool experience this week with one of our investigators. His name is Fernado.  He’s the dude that lives super far away so we have to walk about 30-45 minutes just to get to his house. We hadn’t seen him in a while so we went out there to go see if we could find him. He works all the time as well so its almost impossible to find him. Before we left, I said a prayer that we would be able to find him at his house. We went down to his house and he wasn’t there and we had just finish talking to his brother in law and he told us he wouldn’t be home for a while. We turned around to leave and we saw him walking up towards us waving. He said he saw missionaries in the street and hurried then he home for some reason.  He caught the early bus as well and he told us he had been waiting for us to come. May not sound like much but it was for sure a miracle that we found him and he told us that it was a miracle he found us. Pretty cool experience.

Sometimes during the week random people will stop and pick us up and take us to an appointment.  It’s pretty weird. Every time its a little sketchy because everyone thats seems to pick us up drives a sketchy car and looks like they want to hurt us, but, every time they are super nice.

The other night we heard automatic guns going off like right outside of our house. So not really sure what happened but no one died, I think.

But it was a really good week! Lisette will be baptized next Sunday. We are working hard with her.

Love you guys,

Elder Packin heat



Elder Fowles and I – work out


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