Week 34 – March 9, 2016

15 Mar


Well this week was actually super crazy! Our investigator moved her baptism date up from Saturday to Monday so we were basically running around all weekend preparing for the baptism.

On Monday we had a day of service.


Service Day

We left the house at 9 and started to put on a roof to an Almacen.  An Almacen is basically a neighborhood store that they have on just about every corner. We are helping the Ortega family build one next to their house because their other one is super far away and the husband was diagnosed with cancer so they are moving it close so he can still work from the house when he starts Chemotherapy. We put on the roof and then had to go help take house parts off a truck for a different member family that is building their house. All the pieces were so heavy and the truck was big and full of tons of parts of the house. We finally finished and went to the chapel to go fill up the font for the baptism. (she wanted to get baptized Monday because she didn’t want to wait for Saturday and she would be working on Saturday also). So, we go to the church and the church was wet.   We looked in the font area and someone had left the water on and the plug in the font so it had overfilled and flooded out (a member baptized his daughter earlier in the day). So we had to go in and get the stopper from the bottom of the font. We were very wet! We finally had everything cleaned up and went to lunch at 6, it was crazy! Then we hurried and showered and went to the baptism.

Lisette is such a awesome girl. Her parents don’t like the church and were very against her being baptized, but, she new it was right and did it anyway. Her parents didn’t come and had a really hard time with it. But when you know something is true, you will do the things you need to do. I baptized her and we only had to do it once which was super nice.


Elder Brown, Lisette, and Elder Fowles

This week we also had divisions where we go out for a day with another elder and see how they teach and see their sector (area). I got to ride the bikes they have in their sector.   I was so happy and I loved it, but, my but didn’t like it at all. You know me on a bike, I was doing wheelies and jumping curbs. I jumped a curb going home to their house that night and clipped the back tire of the bike and popped the bike tire. I had to run with the bike home because we were already late.  I ran 2 miles down a dirt road in my dress shoes and tie.   I’m sure it was a sight to see.


Also, this week I got to see the 33 Miners movie with a less active family at their house.  It was a really good movie. We have permission to watch it because its “Chilean history” but hey, I’m not complaining.

Yesterday we went to the temple with Lesitte and she loved it. Super weird being by the temple because everything is so nice and where we live everything is so ghetto.

I don’t know if I told this story or not but the other day we were walking out of the house I think on Thursday and we were going to the main street because our house is in a little ally type thing and we see these two guys in full sprint. One was about 15 feet in front of the other and then one of the guys took a turn toward us and the dude behind him and stops and he was running with a 2×4. He throws it at him and misses and literally almost hit us, it landed right in front of us and bounced around us. We just kept walking because it was so weird we didn’t know what to think. But then after a while we realized how crazy it was.

It was a good week and I love you all.

Elder hood rat

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