Week 35 – March 16, 2016

17 Mar

Today for p-day we went and played baby futball which is basically indoor soccer but the court is the size of a basketball court.  It’s actually really fun and I like playing it.


Elder Fowles and I doing a mirror selfie

Well I’ll tell you guys what I normally eat everyday because its a little different from what I would eat at home. In the morning I eat 3 eggs sccrambled with a hot dog and green and red peppers in it and then I add a hot chile to give it some spice. That’s what I eat in the morning to keep me awake during my studies. I usually drink some of the juice I make and put in the freezer so its like a slushy.

I had an interesting experiences this week and one was very sad and a little bit hard to deal with. It was a unique, scary experience with the husband of Lisette (the woman I baptized last week). He called me Saturday morning crying and asking us to come over. We went sprinting because I had a feeling that he was going to commit suicide. We got there and he had a huge knife on the table and he was just crying. We spent the whole day with him. We went on walks throughout the day and made him some brownies. It was super hard to know what to say. I didn’t know how to make him feel better. The whole day I was so nervous because he would get better then all of the sudden worse. I gave him a blessing, and after the blessing, he was so much better and way calmer it was crazy. The words during the blessing literally just came to me like I was fluent in Spanish, it was a cool experience. They worked everything out between him and Lisette so everything is back but it was a very tiring day and he was so grateful for us. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to see that we are actually helping people and they feel different with the missionaries. The hard part about that day was we didn’t eat lunch. Me being your new favorite fat kid it’s hard to go with out eating.


Another photo of Lisette and I on her baptism day.

I’m loving the work here and I Love the people!

Sorry for the short email. But I ran out of time.


Elder Chinl3rSAM_8047

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