Week 36 – March 23, 2016

26 Mar

Dog bite number 2……… Check

Yes believe it or not, I got bit by another dog this week. We were contacting and this guy came out and opened his gate and the dog kept sniffing me and looked pretty sketchy so I put my hand in a fist so the dog could smell me if he liked.  Then all of a sudden he jumped up and bit my fist and then I started to bleed. The dude did nothing to his dog and then acted like nothing happened as my hand was bleeding. So I asked the guy if the dog has had its shots and he said he’s from the street but they have had him for a long time and he has bitten them too, and they have been fine. So he said not to worry about it so I didn’t.  The bite isn’t too big or deep so I should be fine.

This week was my companions birthday. So we celebrated his and my birthday at a bunch of members houses which was fun. The members here are great and take really good care of us.

Today I’ll be happy to tell everyone I bought new pants!!!!!! My other pants that have been ripping every day, I couldn’t fix anymore. I repaired them a total of 12 times, pretty impressive I know. Maybe I’m just not as good at sewing, thats probably what it was.

Sad news is that we have changes this Monday. So, Elder Fowles won’t be my companion any more. So we are enjoying our last week together and having fun doing what ever we can.


Elder Fowles and I bowling.


This week, one thing I did learn was how to weld. I did a Quick practice/tutorial then after the that, I started to work and welding the roof together. But yeah, pretty freaking crazy. It’s actually a lot harder than everyone thinks. But I think their roof will hold I hope.  It’s crazy the things people let me do.

This week we also played “painting” crew and painted a ceiling.   Good thing we are white so we can reach the ceilings. They called us because they didn’t have a ladder to do it.

Now that my Spanish is pretty good and I understand  basically everything… which sometimes I’m not sure is good. Because people yell a lot of stuff to us, and, before it didn’t bother me but now that I know what they are saying it does bother me. So, what usually happens is, I walk over to them and introduce myself to them.  I tell them why I’m here and leave them with a “love they neighbor” and tell them to try and keep the commandments. Usually their friends will start to laugh at them and tell them to be nicer. It is actually really fun because at the end they say, sorry. But, sometimes they get even madder and threaten us, but you know what will happen.

It was a good week and Dude came to our house and slept over last night which was good.

Im having fun. Pray that I get a good companion this week.

Love, Elder Over Dogs


Me and a  Porsche I came upon.  You don’t see these everyday around here.



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