Week 37 – March 30, 2016

31 Mar

Wow pretty crazy week for Elder Brown!

Friday night we were getting some food to celebrate our last night to get together. We finished eating and started to walk back and about 20 seconds after we left, the phone started to ring. I looked at the phone and saw it was the president of the mission. President Cook was calling me. I answered the phone, and while I did, I was trying to think what I could have done wrong… why was he calling me? But, he was calling me to tell me I was going to train a new missionary. (training a new missionary is the biggest responsibility in the mission) I was super shocked! I’m way too new of a missionary to train a new missionary.  So I had to go to a bunch of meetings over the weekend to learn how to train and what to do. Then Monday came. It was a group of about 10 kids I think 2 Gringos and the others were Latinos. I was for sure thinking I was going to be training a Latino. But no, President called the name of Elder Smith. Elder Smith is from Virginia he lives 45 minutes from Washington DC. He lived in London for a while so he has a British accent (not sure how I feel about it yet). He’s a cool guy. To tell you the truth I’m pretty scared to be his “Dad” (that’s what they call the person who trained you). So we will see how messed up he will be. Training him and seeing how it goes will tell me whether or not I should have kids. But yeah, that was pretty crazy.

Yesterday we couldn’t  leave the house because it was another one of the days like the movie “The Purge” in Chile. Its very dangerous to be out, so all the missionaries  have to stay inside. I slept in until 12 and it was one of the best things I’ve done on the mission, it was so great. For the first time in my whole mission I did not wake up tired. But this morning I went right back to waking up tired.

In other news, dude (the dog as mentioned in previous letters) has been following us around for the past four days which stinks because we have to find him food. So we usually give him our food leftovers but he’s eaten them all so we made him some eggs and gave him some bread.

Today we went to Santa Lucia where there are a whole bunch of stores and they have the hill in the middle of the city that has a castle on it its really cool. I bought this super sick blanket for this winter to go along with my other blanket. Its made out of llama fur its so freaking soft and not even itchy. I took my “kid” to the Peruvian food place with his “grandfather” Elder Rodriquez (my trainer) pretty freaking cool.


Old photo:  “Grandfather” Rodriquez (my trainer)  and “Father” Brown (new trainer)

I’m super nervous to be training and super excited at the same time hope everything goes well.
Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

Elder Father

PS, Hey mom if you haven’t sent the package I could use some deodorant (aqua reef please). Hey thank you so much for being such an amazing mom and example for me. I love you so much and don’t know what I would do without you. Your literally way cooler and better than everyone else mom… they all wish they had you as a mom. Your so awesome. Tell the girls I love them and sorry for not emailing them back and next time they write me I will I promise.

Sorry, no pictures this week… The Computer is not letting me upload pictures…


Note from Mom… after receiving this post, I was thrilled to hear Dude was back especially in light of chandlers recent dog bite.  So, I put the below letter into Chandlers next $100 package.  I placed the letter in an envelop with this picture on the envelop and wrote on the envelop:SAM_0627

to: Dude

From: Brown Family (including Lexi, the dog)

====Letter read======

Dearest Dude;

We love you so much!  We don’t know you, but when we think of you, we get a warm and happy heart.

We are so grateful for you and the protection you give to Elder Brown.  Thank you for following our sweet son around on the days your feel you need to.  As you probably know, dogs love to growl at, threaten, and even bite Elder Brown… so, many days he is need of your protection (we can only imagine the trouble you are preventing him from just by being there).  Thank you for the days you follow him, wait for him, and sleep on his doorstep.

We believe you are one of his many guardian angels on his mission. Thank you for taking him on and feeling like you can make a difference in his life as he is trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

Please accept this small amount of money to have Elder Brown purchase you some food to keep you around, well nourished and happy.

All our Love,
The Brown Family (Including Lexi, the dog)




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