Snail Mail – dated: 2/24/16 Received: 3/28/16

06 Apr

Letter received in the mail from Elder Brown.



Hey mom and dad it’s your son Chandler.
I actually feel really bad I haven’t sent you many letters because you literally always send me one.
I’m so happy I have such a great family that cares about me and sends me cool stuff. As you can see, I sent you one of the missionary quick notes. They’re actually pretty funny. IMG_2989
But seriously, I have no time to write you guys and I have a little time at night but I’m always writing in my journal. So just after the mission you can read my journal so that will be way cooler. I miss you all tons. I miss doing fun things with you guys and the time we spend together.
Its getting close to my birthday and I will be turning 20 which is unreal. I feel so old and I’m a little shocked I’m that old. I feel like yesterday I got my license with my mohawk.
But the mission is fun and I’m having a really good time. I have met some strange people and a ton of people that have the craziest ideas about us. And a lot of members don’t know a lot about the church. My sector is called La blanc. Oh there is so much trash and the trash man comes every other day to pick up trash. But people still go out to a corner and just dumped out their trash. IMG_2327
I’ll tell you about some of our investigators. We have about three that have baptism dates. Lysette who is a reference of the sister missionaries. She’s sweet and just told her boss to let her come in late on Sundays so she can go to church. Then we have Michaelson who is from Haiti. There are a ton of people from Haiti but he knows English and Spanish and French and Creole. He came to church once and wants to be baptized and we have known him for about one week. Then we have Victor he has diabetes and lost one of his legs but now he can walk with his fake leg which is so sick to see. He’s been praying for help with his leg and one day after his prayer he walked perfect without his cane. This week he told us he didn’t have work so he could come to church but we went to his house Sunday morning and he wasn’t there. But when we got to church he was there sitting in the second row. We got to him and he said I’ve  been waiting for you guys for 10 minutes I thought you weren’t  going to show up. He’s my favorite. He’s about 59. The rule to be baptized is you have to go to church for at least three Sundays. One down, two to go. We have a cool member named Ivan he’s 46 and has a daughter. He’s coming back to church after doing some pretty crazy drugs, let’s say he’s done all the drugs. But he’s stopped now. Sometimes we would be teaching him and he would hear a knock and he’d say “shhhhh be quiet-it’s the drug dealer he wants to sell me drugs.” But now he’s been off drugs for a couple months but we always go to to his house to check up on him. He speaks perfect English and it’s literally just like talking to an old surfer guy from Venice Beach. So we get to speak English to him.
Well I want you guys to know that I love you so much and I love looking at our pictures together. Mom if you could maybe put a little picture book together of pictures of vacations this summer of us in California and me and my friends in Hawaii and Coulson and Alec,  really, just photos with friends and family to show to people. I love getting pictures. If you could do that it would be awesome.
But I want you guys to know I’m still normal. And the food here isn’t anything like Mexican food it low-key sucks.
Miss you all and love you.
Love Elder Brown (the kid that left 7 months ago to chili)

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