Week 38 – April 6, 2016

06 Apr


Interesting week this week. It’s actually starting to get cold which I really have mixed feelings about because I like the heat, but I’m over being all sweaty all the time. But, I don’t like the winter here because it just rains and we get all wet.

Well this week we had general conference (a weekend event that happens twice a year when we get to hear the leaders of our church speak. It’s broadcast world wide and translated into many languages). Conference was really amazing and I got to watch it in English as well which was great! I got to watch it because my companion is new and is in his training so if your in your training you get to watch it in English. So, we got to watch it in a room with just me and him with our own TV and comfy chairs. Not going to lie, I fell a sleep one time.


Elder Rodriquez (my trainer), Elder Smith (my trainee), and Elder Brown (me)

After conference, dude was walking with us to go to a members house for lunch and we were walking along and this guy sicked his dog on dude and they started fighting and it was right infront of me. I tried to kick the other dog to stop but them, but dude won and was hummm… how do I put this….. well he was biting the dog and taking advantage of it. The owner got mad and got mad at me. And he yelled in English, “why you kick my dog?” and I said, “no equivoque (no i missed)” then he said, “you kick my dog, I punch you face.” Then I said, “hágalo (do it)” then he called his dog and they walked/jogged away. Why? I don’t know, maybe they were scared.

Another story. Yesterday we were crossing the highway and there is a speed bump really close to the cross walk and usually I just cross and the cars stop but this time for some reason, I waited for all the cars to go and about after 5 about seconds of waiting, a truck didn’t see the speed bump and went up the side walk, where we would have been, to avoid hitting the car in front of him. If we would have crossed, and not waited, we would have been hit by a semi truck! It was pretty crazy.

Lunches for conference were super good. Two days in a row the families made us burgers and they were honestly so good.  Best burger I have had here.

Today for p-day we went and bought a thing called a “farthou” of ties. Its a bunch of ties well actually 70 pounds of ties so we carried it all the way from central Santiago about 45 minutes by bus and metro to our house. It should have over 100 ties in the pack and they actually have really good brand named ties. We haven’t opened it yet, so, I’ll send a picture when we do.


Dude in our kitchen.  Im sure waiting for food.

Well a little more about dude. Right now he is in the internet server (place we go to on p-day for the internet) and the people are pretty mad at us for having him in here.   Actually, one of the kids in here is playing with him.

But he’s still following us (actually for a long time – he usually doesn’t stick around for this long).  Sometimes he pretty annoying, but we love him equal.


We love Dude

Lisette’s husband Rudolfo accepted the offer to be baptized so he will be baptized on the 30th of the month, hopefully. We are super excited about that as well.

Blessings received this week: lets see probably two meals with hamburgers! It was really a blessing, it was nice to have something else to eat besides the rice and chicken.

Well peace out until next week,

Love you all,

Elder Tie guy


My new, soft blanket from Grandma Virchow

My Grandma Virchow sent me some Chilean Peso’s for Christmas and my birthday.  With that money, I bought this blanket made of Llama fur.  It will keep me warm this winter.  Thanks Grandma!


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