Week 39 – April 13, 2016

13 Apr

Pretty good week this week with a lot of fun and cool experiences.

Well this past Friday our ward had a ward activity and it was called,  “The Voice”. So, of course, the missionaries had to perform. So the night before the activity, we picked a song to do. I had been told the day before that I look like one of the Backstreet Boys (which I don’t… but, cause I’m white, they think I do). So it gave me the idea that we would sing and dance to a backstreet boys song. So we did a classic, “Backstreets Back” we learned the words and our parts and practiced our dance for 30 minutes before. We went out and everyone loved 4 gringos singing Backstreet Boys but, really, who wouldn’t love it. After our performance, it went all over the web. Its on youtube but not sure what its called (fingers crossed President doesn’t see it). But it was really fun. (I will have a ward member get me the address to the video).

Had another investigator commit to baptism this week, her name is Mafalda. She’s 69 years old. She came to church and loved it and wants to go every Sunday and to the activities that the church has every week. She’s awesome! She will be baptized Saturday before mothers day.

Super cool experience that we had yesterday. We were having a horrible day because every lesson we had planned fell through so we contacted basically all day and didn’t get into one house. So at about 8:00 pm, I said, “lets say a prayer to help us know where to go and what to do.” So we sat down on a cement block type thing in a big, open dark field and said a prayer. I asked if we could find someone to teach and literally 10 seconds after my prayer, this guy walks out of the darkness and yells, “Elders, how are you?”  He sat down next to us and told us how he is a member of the church but not active. He told us he was having problems with his business and knows that coming to church will help him out. We taught him about prayer and how important it is. At the end of our lesson he told us he came to us when he saw us just because he felt like he should. HE asked us if he could get a priesthood blessing we said of course and gave him one. Pretty cool how the lord answers our prayers. This was the coolest experience I have had on my mission so far. It was amazing. After, we did some more contacts with no luck then got some food to celebrate our miracle.

This week we also opened up the big huge package of ties we bought. There were so many ties, but I only came away with about 10 good ones. But the 10 I got are all nice ties. I found the jack pot and found a tie that is a real Gucci tie. It’s ugly, but it’s Gucci so its sick. But got some cool sock ties out of it as well. It was super fun to open. But now we have 1000s of ties left so we threw them in the side yard. I think we will just burn them. But its ok because we each only paid 3,300 luca which is about 5 dollars each so 15 ties for 5 dollars and an ugly Gucci tie. I’ll take that deal any day.

This week was really good and the weeks fly by so quick.

See ya next week.

Elder Gucci y Elder Backstreet boy

Here’s a photo from last week.


Beautiful sunset

Sorry no new pictures this week.  The computers we are using today won’t let me upload any photos.

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