Week 40 April 21, 2016

22 Apr

If you asked me if I was wet all weekend and the only other person in the street all weekend I would tell you YES. This week it rained from Friday to Monday morning it was so crazy.  And, it wasn’t just like a little rain either. So I got really used to having wet feet, but, then the idea hit me……. I live in the ghetto, why don’t I just think like the people here? So, I got some grocery bags and put them over my socks and then I put on another sock and my wet and cold feet problem went away real quick! I was amazed how well it worked!

Saturday we were told they were going to cut the water because all the water in Santiago was contaminated (from the flooding rain). So, we hurried and filled up bottles of water and prepared for the water to be cut. Sunday they cut the water and as a result, we only had one hour of church. We got to church soaking wet.  I had an umbrella but they just don’t really work when it’s raining like crazy. We had 30 people at church when normally we have 80-90 people. We went home to find out that our power had been cut so we studied with flash lights. We made sure we had really good long lessons with people so we wouldn’t have to be outside for that long. Every time we came to a door, people would tell us that after this we needed to go home.  We would tell them “no” and then they would get mad at us.

Pretty crazy weekend in Santiago. They had underground parking garages flood to the top and they are three stories underground. The streets were literally rivers, it was crazy. But we moved our p-day to Thursday this week so that I could go to the temple with Elder Rodriguez before he goes home to Spain. He leaves Tuesday. Elder Rodriguez is my “dad” on the mission (the missionary that trained me, so he is very special to me). So we went to the temple with him and the President of the mission, it was a great experience. Then we went to the mall and its amazing to see how much more beautiful the people are in the nice part of Santiago.


At the temple with Elder Rodriguez (right)


Lunch at the mall

Shout out to my mom… Thank you for sending the great package to me. My GoPro arrived in my package and President was telling me how smart it was to bring that. Its awesome to use for the mission. Im planning on making a mission video for GoPro and then I’ll be on one of the commercials… that’d be cool.


One of the pairs of new socks in my package

Other than the rain, the people this week weren’t very nice, not going to lie. Had a pretty tough week, but, I think the rain makes people angry because the rain makes their roofs break.

The people here claim their houses are earthquake proof, but, I’m not buying it.  We will see people.  Everyone tells us a huge earthquake is coming in May so we will see.

I hit 9 months in the mission this week which is really crazy to think about. Time is flying by and Elder Smith (my Kid) is doing good. It’s fun and funny to see the progress in his Spanish and when he says “yes” to something that we are suppose to say “no” to. I’m sure I did it a bunch as well.  For example, we taught the law of chastity and this lady wanted to see if we believe in abortions. He smiled and said “of course” and she got mad and I had to jump in really quick because she just about kicked us out.

Bella asked me a few questions:
Is the mission fun? Yes it is.
Is the mission hard? Yes! There really are a lot of people who go home for a number of reasons. One thing about a mission is that you learn so much! And you grow, and have fun with the people you meet on the street. But, are there times that I am like, I would rather be home than walking in the rain at night and tired and people yelling at me… you know? BUT, is it worth it? YES, it totally is!

All in all good and hard week.

Love you all
shout out to the

Elder bagged feet

Photos are from the GoPro.  My camera is making me reformat my card in order to upload photos and if I reformat it, it will erase all of my photos I have to date. I’m in a pickle so I cant send photos from my camera only GoPro.


My Kid (Elder Smith)



My new tie

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