Week 41 – April 27, 2016

05 May

Wow Mckinnon looks super good in her dress (for Prom) and that dress is super sick. I was wondering what type of dress she would get and that one fits her style perfect. I’m glad she had a fun time at Prom, it looks like she did.

This week the rain stopped. Well, we thought it did, but then it rained again Saturday and Sunday. Little bit of a bummer but its all good. This time of year really sucks for church because 1 in every 6 Chileans have a car, and where I live,

you have a car if your a taxi driver or if you have a job. So most people don’t have a job where I live, so, they don’t have a car. Sooooo what thats means, is, no one comes to church. No one wants to get wet and catch a cold… I mean, which I get. But still like come on… come to church so you can be baptized.

This week we didn’t have lunch two days in a row so we made the missionary classic: Rice soup or noodles, hot dogs and an egg then you put it all in a pan and give it a good fry its actually really good and was just as good the second day.

On Monday, Elder Rodriquez left to go home. Elder Anderson and I ran to his house in the morning to say our last goodbyes. Elder Smith was sick so he couldn’t come. Pretty crazy that he left and is home now. Crazy to think that I almost have 14 months until I go home which is a lot of time, but it goes by quick.

So on Monday we stayed in my house because Elder Smith was sick and couldn’t leave. I cleaned the house and that took about the whole day. (yes, I know I’ll be a great husband and yes, I kinda know how to clean).  We did some more service and dug some more holes for someone’s plumbing. Literally it’s a 30 foot trench that’s 4 feet deep. I mean I got a good work out, so I think I’m the real winner.


On our way to the temple

We went to the temple again this week for a Chilean that is going to the United States for his mission and he is waiting for his visa. He’s so awesome and will be serving in Arizona in Phoenix. This morning the subway was ridiculous! Lucky us, being 4 big white people just push our way through or people just move out of our way. Not gonna lie, I will never take public transportation to work its just not worth it. Anyway, we cleared our way through the lines of people waiting to get on the subway and squeezed on… and when I say squeezed, we literally did just that.


Public Transportation

Almost got bit by a dog again this week but what else is really new.

Yesterday all of our lessons fell through so we felt we needed to go see one of our members. This member is 91 well… 92. Turns out it was her birthday and not one of her kids was with her that night so we stopped by and talked with her. She is amazing and is one of the first members in Chile, Santiago. She turned 92 and she stills walks and does what ever she wants. We sat there with her for the rest of our day listening to her stories of her mission when she was 40. Amazing stories.

Not going to lie, our week was pretty rough, but I know this week will be a better one.
love you all,

Elder Freaking dogs

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