Week 42 – May 4, 2016

05 May

Super crazy, fast week. I swear they go by faster and faster. The weather was really throwing me off this week. It’s super bipolar. One day it freezing and the other its perfect and I can go out in a short sleeve shirt.

Rodolfo will be baptized on the 14th of may so we are trying to get him ready for that.

Well, just like always, the drunk guys think we are the “Special Police” so we convinced this dude we were and he immediately started acting not drunk and high and he started ratting out all the drug dealers houses. Pretty funny to see him get scared. Elder Smith this week, after his sickness, lost his voice and I mean completely. So for about 2 days, I did all the talking. I’ll just say when he got better I made him talk a ton.

We met some weird people, like always. A lot of people think we are literally a cult. I’m not sure why or how says these things are made up or who makes them up. But yeah a lot of people give us what we call the dedo Catholico. Basically, people come out the door and see us and then start waving their finger and saying “no no Soy católico yo creo en Dios”. Translation for all you people that are white (no no no I’m Catholic, I believe in God) classic contact here in Chile.

Other than that, it was a pretty cool week. Follow up on the 92 year old we had her a birthday party.  We bought her a cake and some candles, she loved it and was super grateful for it.

Well in the front on our chaple we have tons or garbage so we are planting plants so people don’t throw trash there. (trash truck passes 3 times a week.) We started moving the trash and this dude comes over with his trash can and dumped out his trash as we are cleaning up. I  talked to him, asking if he can take it down the street a little (and nicely…) but the dude dumped it anyway. I told him “thank you” and started clapping at him and the whole ward started doing it as well. The dude was so embarrassed and ran home. Good thing I’m a missionary, if i wasn’t, it would have been a lot different.

Great week.

Im learning a lot.

Much love
Les amo
Elder Nice guy

Photos coming soon computer isn’t working

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