Week 43 – May 11, 2016

12 May

Mom, I love you. Happy mothers day last Sunday. I will call you on this Sunday afternoon (after 5:00 my time).  Ps I love those shoes.

Just another week in the mission with some more crazy contacts.

I tell you what, some people here are crazy! Knocked (when I say “knock” I mean yell. The houses here have big gates even though we are in the ghetto so we literally yell, “ELLO” and people come out.) This week we “knocked” a door and out comes this lady. We tell her we are new here and we are trying to get to know people that live in the area. We asked for her name and she responds, “why do you need my name?” we tell her just so we can say hi to you in the street and be your friend. She responds and tells us that she doesn’t have one. I said, “wow that’s so weird, what does your carnet say on it (Chilean license)?” She responded, “nothing”. I respond again, “wow how crazy is that.” At this point I was getting a little sarcastic.I asked her what her dogs name was, she responded, “Logan” and so I say, “wow, that’s so weird, a dog has a name but you don’t.”  I gave her a card with Jesus on it and said, “he knows your name and loves you.” and told her “have a nice day” and we walked away. She was speechless. My companion, as we walked away, was like ohhhhhh dude you killed her with Jesus love. We were cracking up.

My comps been sick some more. He’s been having a fever, but he’s feeling better now.

For P-day today we played soccer and it was suppose to be just a little amount of people but turns out to be half the freaking mission. It was crazy, but also was kinda fun. The Latinos hate when the white kids make them look bad. Our all white gringo team beat the Latinos and they were not happy at all.


P-Day Lunch

Another story of the week… Elder smith was hit by a drunk guy this week. We were walking to the chapel at like 10 in the morning and this drunk dude was in the street trying to fight us. I walked in front and walked past the dude, then the dude hit Smith in the back. He was shocked after what had just had happened so he waited like 5 seconds to tell me. He’s like dude, that drunk guy just hit me. I was actually a little mad because someone hit my kid. I’m just glad the drunk guy didn’t hit me because I know for sure I would have hit him back. I love how our Heavenly Father knows me and knows not to give me those types of challenges.

Here a picture of  my favorite person.  She is 92 years old… she is the one we gave a birthday party.  We bought her a cake and some candles, she loved it and was super grateful for it. She is amazing and is one of the first members in Chile, Santiago. She is now 92 and she stills walks and does what ever she wants. We love listening to her stories of her mission when she was 40.SAM_0006

We had a really cool lesson with a man that doesn’t believe in god. We literally just bore our testimony and this guy, (his name is Alexander). He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while.   Finally, he told us how he felt when we talk and he said he has never felt what he feels when we talk and he’s tried a bunch of churches.

God exists and knows us personally and He is always there for us. It’s impossible that he doesn’t exist. Missions are hard but there are always little wins along the way. The secret is to find out how to have fun and learn to like what you do and LOVE the people…then it’s not as hard.

Love you all
Nubsquad for life

Elder Drunk Guy Intimidator


Sometimes church pew’s are good for a quick nap.

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