Week 44 – May 18, 2016

19 May


This week was another crazy week that went by pretty freaking fast. Sunday I “skyped” my family which was super awesome. Everyone is so old now and is growing up so fast. But that was probably the highlight of the week.


“mothers day” (one week later) Skype call with the family.  

Monday Elder Smith and I were having about 0 luck and we were doing a contact (the person said no) and this dude on a bike past us and said “sale por aquí Maricon”. Basically means, “leave you gays” but wayy wayy worse! I kinda got mad so we followed him and he did a little half circle turn to see if we were coming, and we were, and then he fell off his bike turning too sharp. He fell down and hit his elbow hard… we got closer to where he fell and I said, “Dios lo escucho”. He got up super quick and started to bike away super fast. That literally turned my day around after that dude fell of his bike. As bad as it sounds. Everyone in the street was laughing at him as well and told him don’t mess with those kids, they have God on their side.

Last night we ate so much food because everyone wanted to give us food, not sure why. But I had put some butter on my bread and half way after I ate it, the family looked in the container and saw mold and told me to stop eating it so I did. I thought it wouldn’t have done anything, but trust me, it did! So, now I’m a little sick. But all is well other than that.

Today we went to Santa Lucia which is a good place to buy things. I bought myself a little change purse, but a manly change purse (I say manly but I know deep down that change purses aren’t manly). But hey, its super convenient so no me importa nada. SAM_0018-2

This week we also lost one of our investigators named Llorena (mostly

because she’s not the brightest crayon in the box). She couldn’t understand that we don’t worship Joseph Smith or pray to him or doing anything “to him”. And we broke it to her that we shouldn’t pray to the Virgin Mary and she got mad. I asked her the simple question, “does the bible ask us to worship the Virgin Mary? When the bible says that you can worship the Virgin, I’ll start doing it as well.” All in all we ended off as friends and she was going to ask her priest. We will see what he says.

Mafalda, another investigator, was a little flustered because her brother is a alcoholic and is threatening her if she talks with us anymore that he will leave. She needs his rent money, so now we have to be sneaky sneaky and make sure he’s not there when we come back.

Rodolfo is making his way to baptism, he only has to come to chuch a little more and he’s there.

All in all, great week with some good stories.

Much love

Elder Karma




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