Week 45 – May 18, 2016

26 May


This week was a pretty average week gonna be honest. Had a lot of progress with our investigator Rodolfo (the husband of Lisette) will be baptized not this Saturday but the next. He got let go from his job with pay, so, it was an answer to his prayers because now he can go to church on Sundays and he will get his salary for 6 months. So really he made it pretty good out of that job. We are super excited about his baptism and so is He.

This week we had this thing called an open chapel. So, basically we open the chapel at night and invite people to come in and take a tour of our chapel. So basically we contact for 3 hours on Sunday night talking to literally everyone that passes the chapel. We had over 25 missionaries at our chapel helping us and the members ran tours and talked more about the church. Not going to lie, it sucked contacting for 3 hours non stop. For people that don’t know what contacting is…it is when the mormons come up to you and just start talking to you or you’ll find them knocking on your door. But, Not going to lie, we had very little success and did a ton of work for it. But hey, you win some, and lose some.



Hair day

In dude news, He still is following us and is causing more problems then ever. Yesterday he fought about 4 dogs and not because he wanted too. All the people here know he’s OUR dog. We were in a lesson and this guy was yelling at dude (we were in an apartment and dude was out side the door) and this person was out side the door telling him to leave and get out and hit my poor dog. So, I got up and went outside and talked to this person told him it was OUR dog and not to touch it. Then he started walking away and saying bad words, but then dude started barking at them, so I couldn’t hear it.

SAM_8074 copy (1)

Dude… OUR dog

Cool lesson in the street we had this week. It was about 8:00 at night and we were walking because all of our plans had fell through… quite a common occurrence these past couple of weeks. But saw this girl and she was crying. I thought nothing of it, but then I felt we should go back. So I yelled to her and told her to wait. I asked if she was OK and she said she was having problems with her boyfriend and she was pregnant with her second child. We asked if we could say a prayer and she said,  “yes please”. We had dude with us so there was a lot of barking, but when I started the prayer they all stopped (all the dogs barking) and when I finished, they all started to bark again. Super cool experience.

But yeah, this week was full of walking and dog fights. But a great week.

Love you All

PS the white stuff was “chapstick” a member gave me because my lips were dry before we left. They told me it was like a type of chapstick… do I look hot or what?…Miley Cyrus?

Elder not afraid to kick a stray dog


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