Week 46 – June 1, 2016

05 Jun


The mission, well I’m gonna be honest, I’m pretty use to it now so things just seem normal and when weird things happen…its normal. So I’ve tried really hard to have some good stories.

Well this week our investigator, Victor, came to church. We came to his house to walk with him and saw him leaving his house and we asked him where he was going and he’s like “to church want a ride?” I wasn’t really sure what church he was going to so I asked him, “like the mormon church?” He said, “of course” so we got in his car and it didn’t work, so we had to take his bus. Side note, Victor has one leg and every car here is a stick so he drives with his fake leg and he’s super good at it. But yeah, we rolled up to church in this beat up old bus that’s massive! It was so cool let me tell you, people took notice.

In other news, Rodolfo will be baptized for sure not this Saturday but the next. We are all super excited for that.

Dude (the dog) this week was disgusting. He was following us home from the stake center where he lives and on our way home there was a dead rotting cat in the grass. So, what does he do? He goes and rolls in it! I’ve never smelt anything worse. And so its been about a week and I haven’t touched him since.

This week we had our interviews with President and they were super good. We talked a lot about skiing and suits, he really likes my blue suit. He said, “Elder Brown you really know how to pick a suit, I like that.” So, proof that the hours I spent looking for a suit paid off.

Talking of clothes, my shoes came in clutch the other night because we were late getting home from a lesson. When people start to cry it makes it hard to leave. But anyway, I was like, lets run home. So we ran home the 15 minutes to our house and I felt great thanks to my colehaan shoes (this should be a commercial). It was like being in my running shoes.

Chile played against Jamaica and they lost 2 to 1. The game was a big deal before they lost, but the next day for fun, I asked people about the game even though I saw a good part of it during a lesson. When Chile loses here its like they didn’t even play. I would ask people how the game went and they would say what game? So crazy how quick they don’t care or want to talk about it when they lose.

In other news, saw this dude just littering in front of our chapel and asked him if he could pick it up and stop littering in front of the church. He told me no and swore at me. I got kinda of mad and called him a filthy man and he was hurting my view on Chileans. He picked up his trash and left and spit in our direction. Won that battle.

Also, In being a loser news, I learned to solve a rubix cube and can do it pretty quick. I’m not really proud of it because I kind of feel like a nerd. Rubiks_Cube

Today for p-day, the hermanas (sister missionaries) made a scavenger hunt through San Bernardo, it was pretty good not going to lie. But we had to walk so freaking much we lost because the hermanas that made it were on the team that won.  My team was Elder Smith and I and 2 hermanas (one from Brazil and one from Argentina) we killed it though, the hermanas walk super quick its crazy.

But thats was happened in my week. It rained a lot this week as well and is going to start up again and rain for 3 days straight. Plastic bagged feet, here I come!


Elder Liter patrol

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