Week 47 – June 8, 2016

09 Jun

This week I was shaving and our phone rang and Elder smith answered it. He then came and gave me the phone and said it was President. President only calls missionaries for 2 reasons: 1.  you’re in trouble or 2. Something happened in your family. But I thought, well, I’m not in trouble because I haven’t done anything bad.  So, I thought the worst, my family! My hands got so sweaty. But long story short, he called to ask about our bishop in the ward because i guess he doesn’t like us for some reason. He thinks we do bad things and President knows we are good missionaries. He did some investigating and of course found out that we are perfect;) but yes, the call was good.

This week we will have the baptism of Rudolfo so we are pretty stoked for that and super excited for him. He’s been struggling with smoking stuff thats not legal, but has been doing super well after we gave him a blessing and hasn’t done it for a about 2 months now. He tried cutting his own hair and messed up so he had to shave it all off but left the top. He looks like a “flyte” (gangster) its pretty funny.

Oh another story… there is this drunk dude that if he sees us he stops us.   This time he asked us what his name meant in English. Me thinking I’m Funny told him it meant “little dumb bird” (baharito). I guess he looked it up, no idea how, but then later came to us really mad. I got my way out of it and told him that baharito in English means little bird. Which it does, but, in Spanish it’s dumb bird.  After my explanation, he said sorry, gave me a drunk hug, and we tried teaching him but kept singing “ei ei oh” (old mcdonald song). I hate the dude that taught him that song.

In Chilean news, it’s so freaking cold. SAM_0009

The Cup of America is happening so when there is a game, the country is dead. But they have lost twice now so they are all a little bit sad but like I said before, when they lose they don’t remember the game.

So its been raining and really cold. Luckily our patio is covered with a tin roof so I can do my exercise outside still. I cut down a little weight… slowly but surly.

But when rain comes you already know I got my sock-plastic bag-sock style going on. The people here think I’m very smart for doing it and some have taken my idea. So, my million dollar idea is socks made out of a water proof material so your feet don’t get wet.  So no one steal my idea, I know its a good one.

Also, I laid cement for 6 hours on Saturday. SAM_0003-1I was so tired after because I was in charge of mixing it all. Basically, now if you want, I could build you a house… but not a good one. Also, I learned how to wire a house as well so I’m set for when I make my shack on the beach.

But it was a good week.

Oh hey, I come home in 13 months now so thats crazy! I can’t believe how fast time goes. I am getting so old.

Much love besitos
Elder Drunkguytormentor



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