Week 48 – June 15, 2016

16 Jun

This week week was a good one.

We had the baptism of Rudolfo. It was really good, but we had a busy day leading up to it. In the morning we went to a service project to help this person move in another part of our zone so we had a 30 minute bus ride there. Let me tell you about taking the bus here. Every time I take the bus, I arrive to the place I intend to go and just feel sick. But we got there and we literally moved trash… literally bags of trash to her new house. After that, we painted her house. They were really great people so I’m glad we did the service and made the trip out there. They bought paint for us to paint their house and people here think they can just “add water” to paint if they don’t have enough. So I literally painted this room with blue water. It looked so bad, wasn’t my best work! But, oh well. After, we went home and showered but then we had a special meeting for the people who are training. After the training, we went to the church building to start to fill up the font and then finally we got to go home and eat at about 6:00. We were ready to leave, but then I saw that my baptism pants that Rudolfo was going to use were dirty, so, I had to wash then really quick. Then we finally left and taught a family, then went back to the church building at 8 and someone had turned off the font! So, we hurried and filled it up with super cold water. Rudolfo said it was very cold. But all in all it was a great baptism and Elder Smith did a great job baptizing Rudolfo.


Rudolfo’s Baptism.  Me, Rudolfo, Elder Smith and of course Dude.

On Saturday I saw the weirdest thing I have yet to see on the mission. We were at lunch on Saturday and this little girl was just walking around with a little bird in her hand and was petting it. I told her, “be careful and don’t hold it too tight, or you’ll kill it.” She kinda just looked at me. I asked her how old it is she said 4 years old. I asked the name which I don’t remember. But, then Elder Smith pet it and the grandpa of the girl then told us that the bird died a day ago. So she has been carrying around a dead bird and just petting it for a day now. She told us she’s going to keep it forever. So gross! I couldn’t help from laughing because of the look on Elder Smiths face after he petted the bird and then found out the bird was dead. Pretty weird experience.

Yesterday we had a meeting all day from 10 until 7. Our presidents of our mission are leaving on the 28 of this month. They said their good byes and they instructed us on how the change would go between presidents. Pretty sad… at the end, we (all the missionaries) surprised them with a song by all of us. They were bawling and once they started crying…  basically the whole mission was crying.

Today for p-day we went bowling. Elder smith has never been bowling, so,  it was pretty entertaining teaching him how to bowl. I got a turkey (Three strikes bowled consecutively) so that was pretty cool.

Had a really cool contact this week we went to this guys house and its the nicest house I’ve seen in our sector and I really wanted to contact it. So we did and I told him I loved his house and its the nicest house I’ve see in Chile. He was so happy to hear that and let us in and gave us a full tour. And, it actually was a nice house on the inside with a lot of detail. He even made a wine cellar under his house. His house was also very warm, another plus, and he was super interested and invited us back. Made my day! So if its cold or hot, let the missionaries in and  they will love you for ever.

Shout out to my mom for the killer package I received. Its official, I’m the best dressed missionary in the mission and maybe in all of Chile. Mom, I love the new shoes, I’m wearing them now they are great!  Mom I want you to know how much I love you and how grateful I am to have a mother like you. People are so jealous, and I would be too. Thanks for being amazing and being my mom. I love you tons. I read your cards you send me and every time I almost cry. I love you tons.

All in all it was a pretty good week with a lot of cool and weird experiences.

Les ama,
Elder I’ll paint your house

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