Week 49 – June 22, 2016

23 Jun


Well this week (well yesterday) we had changes. My son flew from the nest. I’m not going to lie, it was hard for me to see him go. I got back to the house and felt like something was missing. I love Elder Smith a ton. But he left and is now companions with another kid from Columbia that just got out of his training too. So that will be super cool for them.


Elder Smith and I bowling last week.  Love him.


Always good times with Elder Smith.  I’m going to miss him.

Another scary President experience was when he all the sudden showed up to our church and asked to talk to us. All he did was talk to our bishop and told us how we were doing a good job and what the changes were going to be. I am staying in lo blanco and so is an Elder from lo blanco 2.  They combined our sectors and now Elder Stam is my companion. He goes home on the next change. Now we have two sectors to work in which will be awesome. Oh, and we are going to be getting bikes.

I was also called to be a District Leader which basically means I am in charge of 8 other missionaries. Which is a lot of work, so, we will see how I do in that. I have to give them an hour class and direct the weekly meeting we have. I´m going to be dead honest, I was very scared and still am to have this assignment.


Bowling with some of the Elders/Sisters in our district.

Other than that, its been pretty normal. Everyone in the ward is really happy I’m staying and so am I. I will probably be here in this sector for a lot longer as well.

But an interesting thing that happened this week. I saw two guys fighting in the street and this guy pulled out a metal pole and hit the other dude and ran. Then this other guy ran at him and he had dogs, so the dogs attacked the dude really good. But its weird now because I wasn’t scared and I didn’t even think, “wow that’s weird…” it just seemed normal.

Another thing, we were walking home Monday night and noticed our neighbors house. The cops had just drug busted it and were interrogating the people inside. It was pretty cool to see. It was super funny because they had just painted their fence in the morning and the police knocked it down. It must have been pretty serious because two cops were outside with AK47s.

Other than that, not much happened. Oh, last night we moved our beds up stairs because there are only two of us in the house now.  So that took for forever because we had to take them apart then put then together again.

In gross news, I have some sort of bug that has just been biting me all the time. I have them all over my leg but nothing too serious.


But all is good! Met some pretty cool people this week.

Love you all
Elder my neighbors a drug-lord

Shouts to the NubsquadSAM_0073



 Rudolfo and I at his baptism last week.


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